Wednesday, August 20, 2008

router thang

i am not sure wats wrong wit the router - i do believe Casey dah set everythg for me smlm.. and the connection to the wireless is there - but i cannot surf, downloadin or even updatin my antivirus at all!! yg pelik nyer - the icon said 'connection strength xcellent' watever not.. at dis time - aku rasa hopeless sesgt.. let alone after numerous times godek sana godek sini, called the help-center pun - the person on the other side mcm 'dah tak tau nak wat pe' gtew.. aiyoo.. tak bley la bertenet tatkala dlm tandas katernyer.. mcm ni eh? calld Casey - tp aku tau dia tgh keje.. nak called KL center - aku rasa mcm tak nampak jalan jer.. perleww kah aku pack semula router neh n simpan bwh katil?



2L2M.... said...

tak perlulah simpan bawah katil....campak jer ke dlm jamban!! kekeke

jerry maguire, jr. said...