Saturday, August 23, 2008


it was rainin all petang - left me stranded back at home. i feel like goin for a jog initially - it was like a week since i got the chance of doin dat alrite. and i mght as well drop in to the gym for a while after dat.. but then again - dat was the whole plan - which tak work out pun. it was a heavy downpour, siap dgn petir kilat segala bagai yeah.. make me menikus duduk diam2 dlm rumah while doin some readin - again.

the paper pg ni - quite OK lah. yeap - OK in the sense of ofr God sake - i was readin n mentelaah for the tot of there'll be question like - really go into deep. back then - the question was like 'mcm taik' as Apiz said. i do agree wit Apiz - tho for me - tak le seteruk 'taik' pun.. the questions looks easy - but dammit - so fcukin tricky. aku took just an hr plus - finished up the whole thang and off aku pi lepak kat Naina - waitin for Apiz for a break.. after all the 'taik' - aku rasa confident le sket, really. i gez - it wldnt be dat bad for me, insyaAllah.

aku had another 2 papers to go - trow. a tuff ones, yeah. and i had dis feelin - thgs gonna be just fine - makin me mula take thgs for granted. i was infront of the idiotbox for HBO (damn!! lama sgt dah aku tak ngadap tv, siot..), got drifted away for hrs.. and woke up around after Asar wit the panic tot - mak ai, aku got 2 modules to run thru!! and off i did dat - wit mp3 playes stuffed in ears and non-stop munchin watever available in the fridge. heh - gez by the end of all dis torture - i am gonna get extra stones, shait yeah.. imagine - jst had my arse of the seat, wit somethg to read, and somethg to munch - most of the time.. darn.

it is still rainin - cats and dogs out there - i really hope dis will lead me to a better sleep tonite..


looka80 said...

jm - good luck for tomorrow k!

Count Byron said...

You certainly will sleep, better, especially after that super-exciting volleyball that got Brazil the gold.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

u watched dat eh? erk - i wasnt. hehehe