Friday, August 8, 2008

public speakin!! gross.

i was called for a public speakin dis mornin during the assembly - infront of like four hundreds students - incldg basic and post-basic. i hate doin dis really - i got no problem in deliverin speech or talk infront of thousand unfamiliar faces (wah!!) or givin talk to my own students in hall. but to do dat infront of ppl like dis.. duhh!
so - i rememberin dis - ad-hoc, impromptu ideas.. or watever it is - yg cross my mind. dis is wat i rememberin mumblin infront of em;
"..everybdy knows who Thomas Edison is, rite? while i am not so sure whether its true or not - its been said dat Thomas Edison tried at least 10,000 different ways to invent the lite bulb.. it was up to the point when one of his freinds reportedly asked him something like dis.., "so u've tried 9,999 times to produce dis lite bulb.. y dun u give up?" to which he responded wit somethg like dis.., "i've jst discovered 9,999 ways not to produce lite. i'm on the home stretch!"
so wadya think my point is? think about dis -
  1. if ur onto somethg good.. just dun stop. dun throw it away. and dun even think of givin up!
  2. dun let the world nor failure define who ur
  3. ur only a failure when u fail to try!!
  4. each of us r unique ourselves.. and each of us has somethg unique to giv back to the world..
  5. it doesnt matter if ur broke and u only got 2 nickels to rub together - dun let money define who ur
  6. it doesnt matter u were betrayed - jst dun let betrayal define who ur..
  7. and its ok if he/she said, "i dun love u anymore.." - coz, does it matters?

i am on of a kind. and so are u. we r all one of a kind - by God!! as long as ur still breathin breath, u've got to hav a reason to be ere..

coz dats wat define u, anyway!!.."

i got a good applause from the stdnts, lecturers and all. i was a bit mcm nak pitam - but towards the end - aku rasa mcm wldnt let the mic go. hahaha

and the best part of it - Pengarah did tell me.. "good speech, Shah!!.. lain kali bley buat lagik."


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