Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PJ - last day..

last day of the Tony Buzan thang.. we had dis group work and group presentation.. so aku teamed up wit abg aziz the lawyer, madam may the biz woman, siew ling the J&J fella, mr sri of.. erk - cant remember.. mr kc wanted us to do somethg about 'inflation'.. which is.. everyone of us like 'shait - wats got to do wit ur profession then' kinda thang.. back then - we took the challenge.. we cracked open our every each head (kepala atas, je precisely) and put it into mind mapping.. and it did miracle i am tellin u!! u never know how creative ur when u let yr idea flows out freely wit no inhibition.. wit no such structured thinkin. we had fun - laughin, sharin stories, ideas.. and we r like the most havoc group around - laughin out loud as if we r throwin series of fits.. makes mr kc kept on comin around seein us, doin the so-called checkin sama ada we r or not doin our own work.. and aroun 3.30pm - we started presenting.. i was assigned by the group to present the branch of 'effect of inflation' which i think (and i am proud of it) dat i've delivered pretty well.. i mean - all of us 5 delivered so well, and left no empty spaces for the others to ask q's.. hehe.. i got pics on dis - but too lazy nak upload now. laptop aku dah pack - everythg, indeed - for i am movin off real soon back to Ipoh. ni pun guna lappy Casey sajork..
after the bagi sijil session, after chomolot wit everybdy - i had dis urged to do the come-back to the Mid Valley. but aku rasa iman aku kuat enuff (kan?) - i ended up kat Digital Mall. perkhhh - again, aku sawan. all dis computer stuff r like - 'wah!!! ru sure dis is the price??' kinda thang.. and yeah - dun curse me.. i did spend some more.. aku got myself a bag galas for my lappy, a router for streamyx kat rumah.. and few 'original' software DVDs.. huhu.. byk lagik yg aku rasa mcm 'perlewwww' je.. tp aku try kuatkan iman aku - which works.. (bley?)
i am leavin soon. aku nak naik LRT je dr PJ neh ke Plaza Rakyat - tp Casey insisted to send me to there.. by all means, Mister Casey!! may God je balas yg jasa baik. hehehe..
bye bye PJ - Ipoh.. i am back!


Mus The Great said...

have a safe journey dude!

looka80 said...

jm - klu u still kat kl today (wednesday), we cld meet up kan? mencik taw...!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

looka80 - kan? hehehee.. mus - dah smpai pun.. alhamdulillah.