Sunday, August 17, 2008

PJ - 1st day

reached Pudu around 12pm - i got a seat sebelah pakcik - kinda nice pakcik.. but i gez i had a tuff time all the way from Ipoh to KL - his breath. euw!! u know wat i mean. heavy smoker, chronic smoker i supposed.. i held my breath pretty much often so dat i wldnt puke off rite on the floor.. i did believe he wanted to break the ice n had sort of conversation wit me.. smiling and such. all dat i did was smiled back to him.. make a pretty nice face, stuffed up my ears wit the usual earphone - put on my mp3 player.. and off i dozed off. i do feel guilty coz i do think - mcm biadap la plak.. tp i was not in the mood to make nice.. or socialize. i jst want some of my space and - sleep, perhaps. and dats wat i did all the way from Ipoh to KL - sleepin. one thing about sleepin in the bus (which was i like it sooo much) - ur feelin as if ur in buaian sort of thang (i din remember how the feelin like - but i believe dat was the feelin alrite)..

who's dat guy in white anyway? hehe

Zik texted me up - he wanted to see me - for at least a drink. and i think - yeah, y not. its been ages since i last met him - 3 yrs, i think. he's a nice young guy.. sweet. charming. a good fren too.. doin his Law - final yr. so we met up in KL Sentral at Kenny Rogers - i ate like a horse. a real horse, shait. damn hungry!! and we do some talkin - only then i knew dat Zik was havin a tuff time all dis time. i felt guilty back then - for wasnt be there for time like dat.. but then - things happened. and he's doin.. i think he's doin pretty fine, tho i cld see he's still 'hoping' for some miracle.. i hope Zik will find wat he's lookin for - as i said; dis is life. its either 2 - u dump ppl or u got dump. and dat y i believe when in relationship - i gotta prepare to leave, before i was left behind.. sounds bad - but dats the way life is..

Pudu sucks big time!!

around 4pm somthg - i was back in Pudu to pick my luggage up. i hate Pudu. if i ever get some choices - God sake i dun wanna be ere indeed. it was so stuffed up, hot, the ventilation was so shait.. and the crowd was like.. geee.. byk Indon yg very scary looks.. i cant beleive dat i am in KL - in Malaysia to be precise.. lookin at dis crowd aku felt so insecure. in my own land. damn!!

around 5pm somethg - finally aku dgn berpeluh like bersawah padi nyer.. smapai jugak kat PJ.. Casey was alrdy there waiting to pick me up. thanks Casey - for offerin me for puttin up coupla days at yr sweet, cozy hozy place.. (see him at his he and his superb fountain.. i took my bath, got change - and terus sit infront of the idiotbox - nah, not idiotbox ere in Casey's. its tellytube indeed.. watchin the Olympic Live and at the same time - updating dis blog..

Sham (AmirDaib - pic sebelah neh) was online too.. 'meet' him up online. showed me around his new house - thru the cam.. wah!! pinkish all over. kinda nice indeed.. see him tellin tales about his new house in his i bet u'll fell for dis guy. hehe..

dah magrib. think i shld take a break, solat firts. my tummy is growling now - out for dinner soon.

i am wonderin wats for me trow.

and i am wonderin how's Aizat doin now.


looka80 said...

jm - i knew u had a long day. huhu. thanks for the introduction dude. appreciate dat! 8-)

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