Friday, August 8, 2008

nurul aqilah damia'

while she was like.. 2 moths old.

5 months.

7 months, if i am not mistaken..

right on the dot - she was 10 months old now.. on her b'day.

she knows how to pose!! she's 10 months 10 days.. while on eatin out.

nurul aqilah damia - shes so cute n easily get along wit others, damn well. kinda proud to hav her around.. she managed to make me smile whenever i dun feel like to. and she managed to put her special spell on everybody - wit her smiles n such - makin her more loveable, kissable and hugable..

tho i am still lookin for the meanin of life - every now and then - dis lil gal never fail to make me feel and bein more grateful to be able breathin more breath each minute in time..