Tuesday, August 5, 2008

nitey nite!

i was rite infront of the idiotbox jst now - killin time, doin the channel surfin when i stumbled into dis ntv7 (if i was not mistaken) - Oprah's Big Five Show or somethg.. citer about how ppl went all out to help other ppl.. kinda nice. and touchin too. it makes me feel like cryin. but i wasnt, anyway.. too well-scripted to be cried over.. but over all - it was kinda nice show. i was started to compare it wit the so-called 'must cry one' or 'watch-it-and-if-ur-not-cryin-then-ur-an-idiot' (really? *puke*) Bersamamu of TV3. and it makes me smile. why? u ask yrself. hehe..

i am tryin to imagine wat is Aizat up to now.. must be enjoyin himself. ye lah - so deeply-dy in love katernyerrr.. its ok lah. he's cravin for one all dis while. and he's wishin for one, too. so he deserve to enjoy every bit of it, alrite.

and as for me - i wanna hit the crib now. i know its like 10p.30m - yet i dun giv it a fuck. i got a big agenda to run trow.. and classes to run too. kinda sucks - but its ok. i gez life's like dat. u never know how good it is until u lost it, i suppose. and before i lost any of it (God sake - i am not prayin for it anyway) i wanna jst go out there n do thgs the very best i can - tho i mght hate it; i wanna look at the bright side of it.. and fuck it off - i wanna enjoy it, too.

yeah - enjoy it, too.

*sigh* i mean - enjoy wat?


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