Tuesday, August 12, 2008


reached home from kak ngah's place around 10pm.. aku totally exhausted, full - rasa mcm nak muntah balik jerr.. mak wld called me as 'tak sesnonoh' whenever i came out wit such idea. but she know - i wldnt do such thang.. but tonite - i do hav the urge to puke all out - wit an intention., of coz. hehehe.. no lah. wldnt do dat. sekali sekala eat like a horse - wldnt do any harm rite? yeah - another self defence mechanism.

i had a great time jst know - tho it was like a few hrs jerr.. mak was there. abah too. and all the mini-monsters.. ngah cooked me 'ikan uji rashid masak asam' and abg ngah wit his speciality - kari ayam wit potatos.. perkhh.. i was like throwin fits all over sekejap. sambal belacan, ikan kering.. wah!!! nope - i shldnt think all dat now. or i might go downstairs n punggah my fridge, again.

gotta work trow. i decided to complete my clinical teaching/visiting trow - so dat i dun hav to stay back in the office (tho i got tonnes to be done). but again - i am not kinda guy yg suka rancang2.. see lah trow how.

coupla thgs still hit my skull alrite. i hate to think it over, but i am just a plain Joe - and i cant help it, really. it jst dat - i believe in Karma. u get wat u giv. wat goes around - will always comes around. u hurt someone - one day u'll get hurt, too. and i am not kinda guy yg suka ungkit or doakan others somethg bad - Allah is up there. He knows better.

to think it back again - it was not worth of time aku spent on such ppl. aku shldve known better. aku was a idiot. and aku'll make sure i am goin to be a foolish - one time.

i jst wish dat i dun know u. really.


Chen said...

hi! nice to meet u. thanx for dropping by my blog!

looka80 said...

jm - u can awlays give me a 'holler' if u feel like talking & sharin' ya. im all ears! 8-)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

welcum; chen.. looka80; i'll do when i am about to break then. hehehe