Saturday, August 9, 2008


i was online for a while - killin time when finally i login my YM!.. i saw coupla frens there - incldg dis gal of 'female-unknown-identity'.. we had a chat for a while, when suddenly she went off w/o sayin anythg at all - back then she told me 'bateri laptop flat.. *sigh*.. i was jst about to hav a good, nice chat. and yeah - a fren of mine too - Aizat. was there. then for a while. then off he goes. i knew he's a bz man now. at least - i get the chance knowin how thgs for him, now.

goin to hit my crib now. gotta wake up early trow morn - tho i know its Sunday.

nice dreamin, eh.. nite.


timtams said...

Nice dream indeed...all about me and johnny :-p

jerry maguire, jr. said...

who's Johnny? hahaha..