Wednesday, August 6, 2008


done all the work (it was like never really done, for sure) in the ofc around 5.30pm when Nasree - i saw him wanderin about in the ofc - lookin for Mr Adnan.. i was the informed that they'll be havin dis Adobe Photoshop class - held by the student, for the students. sounds pretty nice - so i decided to join em all - sittin rite infront of the hall - learnin thgs i wanna learn all dis while. i got books on Adobe Photoshop alrite - but i am tellin u; readin books n learnin thgs face to face wit those who r xprt r two bloody different thgs.. so i got the whole 1.5hrs all to myself.. messin around, tryin new thgs wit Adobe. it was so fucktastic. really! i swear to God - i am goin to do dis again - joinin the class again next week for sure. and for a while - i forgot my gym. my jog.. and around 7.15pm - i was home - rite from the office.

went to the Tesco jst now - had my tosai for dinner in Nasi Kandar Kayu. instead of 'garing nyer tosai' - the mamak gav me 'hangus nyer tosai'. i was pissed off alrite - i made the mamak made me a new one. and i successed. padan muka. tak reti2 nak jaga costumer..

buy few thgs - ended up buyin more than i need instead. walkin passed Fotokem - aku stumbled into Canon Powershot 100 SX I somethg.. wah!! meleleh jap air liur.. i am gonna get it, God sake. i swear i am goin to get it, real soon..

sleepy now. shld hit the crib alrite.

nitey nite, ppl!!

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