Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday yeah!!

it was fine when i woke up around 5am dis mornin - it was kinda hot, and i makes me cant help myself to get soaked in the bathroom for quite a long time. Subuh as usual, a bit of Oats and a mug of Nescafe - i was ready to go when suddenly the wind started to blow like nbdy biz., and its started to rain.. and in a glimpse time - it was then a rainin and a gloomy mornin..
reached the ofc around 7am - got coupla mails an memos dpn bilik aku - yeap; bills, magazines, dis and dat. i remember leavin the ofc last Friday - (after punchin in) around 9am just becoz i felt so lazy, fatigue physical and mentally - headed home n had a great sleep till ptg. and by the evenin - i was at kampung - spendin my weekend wit my whole family, mini-monsters and such.. had a great ones, indeed. and last Sunday - i gotta be in Ipoh early in the morn since aku kena deliver a ceramah about Pengurusan Kesihatan in one of the health center.. i hate doin it on the weekend - but it was like - do i hav any choice - to choose, perhaps?
a brand new Monday, for a brand new month. looki up to my schedule - i got tonnes thgs to do and to be done.. i gotta be there in UTAR in Petaling Jaya (God sake i dun even know where the hell it is..) for a Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Technique from 16 to 19 dis August.. coupla formatives to run, question not even ready yet, clinical visitin/teachin most of the days in every weeks.. heh. belum pe2 lagik - aku dah rasa mcm nak pitam.
lookin back - i feel i jst wanna be there in kg., wit my family and all. somehow - i started to feel dis place isnt the place where i belong..

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