Monday, August 4, 2008


finally - Fazelah and Azyan r leavin the whole group of 22; which is at time bein under my supervision. and so-forth wit Kennedy and Fadzlee Tohit. the two gals came n see me dis mornin - left me speechless, not knowin wat i shld and wat shldnt say - i was really fuckin speechless, seein em both sittin rite in front of me. i was fightin wit my tots - i got coupla words to say, for at least to bring their spirit back on the track; but unfortunately, i wasnt dat strong to utter such words.. and now - i feel so damn fuckin bad, for i din say thgs i shld say - not knowin if i ever see em again, in my whole damn life.
Ila, Yan - if u ever read dis; trust me - u both wld always be in ere in my heart. i am not sure wat to tell u - for i've been tellin u ppl so many thgs, wats to and wats not - i bet ur big enuff to be lectured wit kinda values n such. and trust me - dis aint the end of yr life.. i bet there's so many thgs out there waitin for u both to explore. and i pray to God may all yr dreams, and all yr wishes may come true. who knows - u both will be makin a comeback in ere - soon.
i will definately missin u two. and i know - Nurul Aqilah Damia will truely do the same, too.

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