Wednesday, August 6, 2008

learnin a lesson.

i learnt a lesson well today - sometimes our good intention mght be as well wrongly interpret - makin a sweet thang turned sour. and it really scares me like shait. may be i shld keep my mouth shut each time i see ppl (or even ppl dat closed to me) r in the cloud nine - or happy. or in even a good condition. tho ur so-called 'niat' is good even - ppl can easily think on the other way around - sayin ur so-called havin a green eye over them and such - which mght hurts u in return. may be i shld jst stay away from the whole thang. or pretendin dat i do care - but then - go fuck urself. or may be.. i dunno. being nice pun susah. jadik jahat lagik la org benci.
i was thinkin - is it wrong to be nice to others? y do we hav to think negatively anyway?
i jst dun understand. really.

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