Friday, August 15, 2008

jst stayin back home. woke up at 9 after Subuh.. i did some readin around 3 to 5am dis mornin, and i cldnt help the spell of the bantal tilam selimut segala bagai at the bilik sebelah..

i hate thinkin about the journey to PJ/KL dis time around. thank God Casey is there - he said 'its ok', which i do hope it'll be kinda lite at the end of the tunnel katanyer..

Ajak called - ajak aku kuar bekpes.. isk - malasnyer.. aku dgn belum mandi, taik mata beselepet.. huarrkhh.. two options - nak smbg tido or bgun mandi n baca buku..

i bet the first one is 'kinkiest!'..


budleee said...

haha baru i sedar

your title banner is alanis morsettes lyrics.

all i really want..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

smart boi!! my student made it for me.. nice, aye?