Saturday, August 23, 2008

freak freak to the beat!

i hav downloaded (hope i get the term rite) 3 of the great 80's songs for u ppl to listen to.. its How Can I Fall / Hands to Heaven - Breathe and Live To Tell - Madonna.. those were among the hit songs in 80's, i can assure u, really.

nah - stop havin dat looks on u. i must admit - i am 80's freak. i love all the songs from 80's (yet dun get me wrong - i love the latest tunes, too!). i was born earlier and raised up listenin to all such numbers.. i remember my mum and dad went ga-ga over these all and i gez i learnt lesson pretty well! for those yg may concern - u shld understand wat i mean. but for the new generation - i gez u shld giv it a chance to soothe yr ear-wax well.

heh - gotta go. nak mandi. happy listenin! and happy readin, too!
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