Sunday, August 24, 2008

the finale. the end of every single worst thg in dis wide world. the torture. the lackin of sleeps. the 'nak makan pun tak sempat' yeah-rite. hrs of day-dreamin. the moment of truth.. (wah!)

yeap yeap - i am goin to sleep early tonite - nak qado' sumer2, indeed. i am in fact headin for the mall rite after the last 2 papers dis mornin - for a walk - doin the ppl-watchin thang (and not the baju-hunting, again.. i hope). thinkin over dis again - best jgk - sekali sekala mcm neh. rather than gu o to work, u back from work and the cycle goes around and around, again and again dat u started losin count (and not weight, dammit); makin u so damn monotonous. structured like a pole. or tiang goal, perhaps.

heh. enuff. gotta run. i dun wanna be late to the hall.

wish me luck, ppl. a whole wide world of luck. tonnes of luck, yeah.. God - i am not sure of wat i've been readin la plak.. tiber2.

watever it is - jap lagi dah merdeka!!

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