Tuesday, August 5, 2008


i left my hp in the office (thg yg aku rarely done) today while in the lecture hall - found out dat aku received coupla missed calls and few text msges. it was incldg few from Aizat. heh - i was wonderin - wat the heck? y on earth he's callin me? after all the curse. after all the shait he said to me? after all the-so-called joke yg.. eh, funny ke? kinda thang.. but when i read his msg sayin 'ur still my fren, rite?'.. aku decided to giv him a buzz - for the sake out of it. and yeah - he was jokin again (all dis while, as usual.. fuck!). and we talked for a while. he never fail to amuse me each time i chatted wit him. the slumber in him - makes me threw fits all the time, laughin like nobdy biz. and gez wat - he wanted to share a thang wit me.. which i was like.. owh, ok. haha..
so Aizat - ur back on the track. ur in love again! i mean - again!! i am happy for u. u mght say dat i am pretentious and sounds pretty cynical - be it lah watever it is.. but fuck it - i mean it hell yeah.. i am soooo happy for u. as a fren, i know hell u've been thru before. and i know the thick and thin, too. i gez - a good person like u, deserve a good ones too.. an di do hope - dis will last long. at least - longer. perhaps.. oppsss.
enjoy the good time when its around. make sure u tell the other half dat ur really in love - so dat one day; u'll never drown in regret for not be able of tellin so. and take care of each other well.. never, ever let anybdy at all come in between u ppl..
and yeah - dun forget yr fren, too.
yeah, rite.

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