Thursday, August 21, 2008

al fatihah..

i was havin my 2hrs class wit the juniors when suddenly Mr Adnan came in and asked permission to interupt for a while - ada kemalangan yang menyebabkan kematian happened.. and it was budak final sem.. aku tersentak - Ya Allah!! budak aku.. K18!! and it was, indeed. Afzarin Mohd. Yacob. aku was shocked. aku lost words.. by the time Mr Adnan left the hall - aku started to receive more and more calls - and most of it from the rest of budak K18.. aku kaget sgt. aku remember lookin at the stdnt faces in the hall - blankly. w/out knowin wat to say. and wat to tell.. aku feel like leavin the class - but definately i cant afford to do dat. and it left me no choice - aku got to carry on - wit the feelin of lump inside my chest, my throat.

Afzarin was one of a real good stdnt. bersopan santun, tau hormat org, he speaks nicely - nice words, he was one of AJK Surau indeed. i remember while he and the others was in didactic - he was the AJK Akademik - he was like comin to my room everyday, every single day - askin dis and dat - why dis lect tak masuk and can he or not got the notes and such.. if he din do dat in a day - aku started to think 'wats wrong' kinda thang.. even while doin his practical too - he kept on callin me and texting me - to ask dis and dat, regardin his research and such.. and knowin him in person makes me gald to help him even more.

but then - i was sad - now no more. he was on the way to Hospital Kota Bharu for his practical when he was rammed over by a lori and sustained multiple fractures, various injuries (head injury too, i bet) and left him lost his valuable life, stat - on the spot. i was shocked. i was sad. i wanted to join the other lecturer to go there n pay the last respect - but i just cant. i got papers early trow mornin. and Ipoh - KB, it was not like dat dekat.. and just now - his father called me up - he was fine but after quite a while.. he started to cry askin y i cant be there. i felt like cryin - i know his pain of losin son. i told him to be strong - tho me myself - i am not sure of wat i was sayin. and i promised him dat i'll be goin there to his house next week - by the time aku aku balik Kelantan next week.

Afzarin - i know Allah loves u so much. as well as we r all do in ere.. and we all will be missin u definately. semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. dan meletakkannya bersama mereka yg beriman dan bertaqwa, amin.


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