Tuesday, July 1, 2008

XOOPS wat?!!

the trainin went well - i love dis kinda session for it provides more action rather then blabberin watsoever.. wah - more into action katernyer! yeah - dats me. i rather just shut up and do thgs well. the lecturer was kinda young - i think shall be younger than me by coupla years - nope - dun get me wrong, i din get 'terancam' watever not - it was just dat aku btol2 admire him for he knows a lot of damn thang about all dis IT thgs.. he can jst talk like an hour bout all these thgs - leavin us wonder - how cld he do dat!
so - today, officially aku belajar how to build up the i-portal (the web site buiding, to be precise), using the XOOPs thang. nah - dun ask me too much for i am still crawlin, learnin wat the hell it is about. WAMP la, XAMP la, JOOMLA, cuma MAILA je tadak.. the talk or the trainin was more towards the XOOPs thang - how to do it well, how to dis and dat.. i was totally in love wit all dis dat i swear i am goin to hav my own website nanti.. tgk la. jgn ada yg sawan, pls. huhu.. and the best part wa s- i got few new frens too - from various places. new faces, new stories. Mr Adnan was like 'waaa.. got new frens, dah tak nampak aku eh!!'. sorry sir - i din intend to. haha..
PutraJaya is like dat - still. busy la kalo on peak hrs. tp still - aku cant help admiring all those buidings. superb!! wish i cld hav a great tour around - tp segan plak nak bg tau kat Mr Adnan.. he was drivin and i was snappin pics (while the car was moving!), thank God he reads me well - he is goin to giv me a good trip on the last day in ere! wah! cant wait really..
so - gtg. may be mlm kang i'll be online le kot.. free neh! Mr Adnan dah turun cari aku, i saw him walkin towards me now. think he'd nak ajak aku for early dinner la kot. Satay Kajang, perhaps.. Casey - bila nak banjer aku satay neh? huhu

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