Tuesday, July 29, 2008


came back home late dis evening - the problem dat i tot semlm dah settle - it was not, actually. and suddenly i was dragged in by Mr Anwar since i was the first guy he (i.e the stdnt) talked to n confessed thgs. i hate dis really - all dis bullshit r makes me sick. the guy was alrite - n suddenly y dis Mr-owh-i-know-everythg-and-i-hav-to-save-the-world kinda guy came in the whole picture. and there i was - sittin infront of the Pengarah, Timbalan Pengarah, Mr HEP and the so-called innocent guy. i hate the tot of the boy mght lost faith in me. and i hate the tot of he mght be thinkin dat i am the one who the create the whole fuckin shit of a pea-nut kinda thang. and still - i cant believe ppl r makin shit out of dis whole thang. everybody wanting to a be a hero. or an idiot, perhaps.
went str8 back home. aint in the mood of joggin. or even gym. i am not sayin dat i am carryin the whole scumbag on my shoulder.. it just dat i wasnt sure of so many thgs - about ppl, the way they think, action and reaction and such..
spendin nite infront of the idiot-box, thg dat i've not been doin for quite sometime.. i feel my body achin all over, n body started to panas balik.. a viral fever? damn.
class 2hrs trow. yet pe pun tak go thru lagik.. heh.

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