Tuesday, July 29, 2008

struck by a fever again - i tot i've been doin since coupla days back - aku demam tak demam je rasa badan. but last nite - i WAS havin a fever.. and the runny nose - sickenin!! i hate fever wit thin mucous kinda runny nose.. heh - cant say it in a word, really. so smlm - aku amek PCM plus Piriton (i love it for the dizzy effect) and off i hit the crib. i was sleepin like a bloody log up to 6am - which was like - dammit, its late God sake.. baju tak iron lagi, keje ofis yg aku bawak balik tak tersentuh.. mandi2, had my cafeine dose, took my all pills + PCM (again) and off to work.
and surely enuff - i am doin OK so far, alhamdulillah. but still kinda moody (slightly) and dammit sleepy hell yeah. and fcuk - i got lots of thgs to be done - classes trow pejadah pun aku tak prepare lagik.. tho it's like 2 hrs je.. tp Croup and Chick Pox. heh - mencik lah! tak susah - tp dis is like first time aku ajar such topik - need to read more. mmg aku ada clinical experiences over dis, but experience je tak cukup rasanyerr..
thgs happened - semlm during my jog time.. ada student went berserk kat hostel for some reason, siap ugut wit sharps n all dat - aku pissed off since jog tak sempat abes round, and got to settled thgs yg sepatotnya warden yg handle. so ari ni - aku mintak the stdnt come n see me - and he did - the case was sort of 'haunting' me. aku rasa so damn empathy, sad. aku wonder y ppl like to see thgs in a lateral view, w/o havin guts to expand thier vision beyond anythg else. and aku wonder y ppl loves to jump into conclusion w/o havin any guts to considerate thgs dat mght hurt others damn much - they cldnt careless for thgs r not happening to them, and it is happenin to someone else. and aku wonder wat 'fair' wld means in dis life..
God sake - i shldnt get carried away - dis aint my case after all. HEP tak rujuk pun kat aku - i am seein dis boy for the sake of rasa tanggungjawab. aku did nasihat aper yg patot, and make him realised wats goin on wrong around him, wat is his ability for him to stand up his ground and such.
i just wish life wld be more fair to everyone of us. and we live life w/o any pre-mind set judgment, assumption..