Wednesday, July 23, 2008

some stories..

hactic week and days indeed. it is at dis particular time only dat i managed to sit for a while, browse my mails, replyin watever not from the stdnts regarding thier research and such, deleting all the junks, cruise around for a while and i mght be hittin my crib real soon.

i had 4 hrs hatric of classes today - and in the afternoon aku off to SMK Tambun for some of the so-called Khidmat Masyarakat there - givin a simple talk about Prinsip Pertolongan Cemas (wit the help of the boys of K20 - Raf, Imam, Mie, Nuar, Jerol and Nordin - thanks!!). talk for a while and they had a bit of pratice session for another 2hrs. the response was great - i cld see the bdk2 neh really enjoyin learnin new thgs, doin news thgs.. and i cld see my boys r doin such a great jobs handlin all the thgs well; makin me smile to myself.. how life wld be much merrier when ur close to em all, dat they'd turned up easily whenever ur need a help. around 5pm, the session over. i feel like goin for a jog any gym - but i called it off for bdn aku still rasa sengal2 for work out session smlm. pelik jugak kali neh - i was damn sure i got enuff of warmin up. and i took Brufen post-session for i knew i hardly handle the pain well.. yet the pain was still there. heh - no pain no gain alrite.

Azira, Liza, Ila, Yan, Wei Lai and Fuzi singgah rumah aku jap tadik.. Nurin was send to Casualty for havin an Asthmatic attack, god sake - far as aku concern she was a damn healthy gal.. havin an attack out of nowhere? she aint a child alrite. but when the gals started to tell me real thang - dat she was havin sort of problem wit her boy; i believe it aint an AEBA. and i was correct - dammit she had a Hyperventilation Attack; i confirmed the diagnosis by callin A&E Ipoh up, soon after they left.. ermm - typical. a gal. a boy. problems. stress. hyperventilation.

my arms hurts like shait. aku hardly lift it up pun. let alone garu belakang. aku dah telan Brufen just now - i jst want the pain go away so dat i'd travel to my MuMuLand - peacefully ever after.

think i shld hit my sack now. so ppl - nitey nite!!


IDA said...

mengata dulang paku serpih.. huhuhu.. kejik!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

kan? haha.. serpih sesgt.