Thursday, July 24, 2008


despite of havin the achin - i still had dis urge inside wantin to go for a gym. and may be a jog after dat. but then - after reachin home early today; suddenly i made up my mind - i changed my mind, jst like dat - i prefer golek2 sekejap on my katil bujang, ended up for abt 30mins until Asar masuk. the cuaca tadik ujan2, skang dah elok pun still cldnt changed my laziness.. so finally, aku cuma buat a bit of dis and dat wit dumb-bells infront of the idiotbox. yg penting - i got myself sweat a bit, and i think thgs gonna be just fine.
gotta be in surau tonite. ada kuliah ugama.. nak join anybody?

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