Sunday, July 27, 2008

nitey nite!!

just got back from Festival Seni Tarian Peringkat Negeri Perak - aku pi pun Ajak was tellin me like 'silap genre ko neh!' wat ever not.. but then - when i was there, Ajak was there too.. Mr Bong (yeah! definately - he's kinda guy yg suka benda glam mcm neh hell yeah!!) and Mail too - he gotta be there since dia Penyelaras Kelab Kebudayaan.. and me as Penasihat kelab sajork. the boys n gals masuk the festival together wit Penjara Taiping (kelakar!!), Kolej Cosmopoint and Institut Perguruan Ipoh.. i was thinkin the Institut Perguruan mght be winnin - but i was wrong!! we won the whole thang, God sake. and i was a bit sad since tak tunggu sampai abes pun.. kinda sleepy, boring and all mixed up - makes me left the auditorium a bit too early then.

reached home almost 11pm. nak iron baju lagik.. all sort of thgs. kinda bored wit dis whole monotonous thang, really.

i jst wish i cld..

forget it - gonna hit the crib now baby! nitey nite!!

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