Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday morn., and it aint crazy!!

me and Kimie and Areeyna.. hehe.. macho tak pak long iteww?

kinda miss my mini-monsters - i think i shld be doin the balik kg ujung minggu neh.. dah dkt 3 minggu tak silap aku - aku tak balik kg.. so - dis weekend rasanya aku free - even if i am not, think i'll definately clear up some time - so dat aku wld be able do the balik kg thang..
still feelin tired - but it is a great Monday indeed. 8 to 10 class jst now went off smoothly, aku masuk for a bout 1 setgh jam - aku left em all wit some asgments (dats wat i do! haha..). and they will be submitting their papers by trow. w'pun byk 'oooooooohh' and 'aaaaaa..' from all the stdnts - aku cldnt careless, nanti next week i will be havin 2 more hrs wit em all, for the same tajuk, 2nd part. and ptg ni 4 to 5pm, aku got anther 1 hr (bukan mcm MakCik - she got 2 hrs to go! huhuhu..); its gonna be Criminal Procedure Code - 1 jam yesshh!
they will be havin a farewell lunch for 2 staffs yg akan out of dis kolej lunch time neh - wah! save btol mek cenggini.

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