Friday, July 11, 2008

hair = rambut @ bulu?

yeah - rite. i started to hav dis thg rumblin in my head - the to cut or not to cut to cut or not to cut all over again, as usual. i was havin dis hair up on my head for a bout a month now, and i started to groom em well enuff, since last month i think - i mean; waxing, sprayin, gel on it, cream and hell yeah - shampooing. and petang ni - i am thinkin of goin to the saloon and has it fix yeah.. it looks like shait now. i got dis spikin looks, but u know it well enuff - spikin wit yr hair kinda pretty long, it wont look like spikin no more. it looks like - 'sir, mcm landak la..'. heh! or better off - i jst chop em off, eh? tp mcm kejam plak.. i was just about to hav the feelin of havin some hairs up on my head.. erm - shampoo gal! sounds temptin. huhu
spending my mornin in the perhimpunan kakitangan. for the very first time in ere. kinda weird. aku and Hafiz wit our silly mode (tho we r sittin rite on the first row!). malas le bende2 mcm neh - especially the Pengarah wasnt in. as kak ton wld say - 'kucin tadak, tikus lari2..'. so dis mornin - Medical Depart. handlin the whole shait. Mr Bong as the Pengerusi majlis, Ajak baca dos (can u believe it?), Din wit his speech - ngatok la speech ko, Din! btw - aper ko ckp eh?, Karuna wit her ikrar (layak ke?) kinda thang.. and rite after it, around 10am - my life got back to the hectic lane - wit stdnts and such.. and ptg neh - again, ada makan2 free.. Post Basic Mx is havin sorta hi-tea watever not. i definately goin - lapaQ neh.
so Hafiz made a decision - we r movin up to UPM early trow morn. kalo ikut aku pun malas sgt nak pi pun - especially drivin late at nite. i better sleep on the road then.

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