Tuesday, July 15, 2008


finally i was done wit the bloody 4 hrs hatric of lecturerin. its torturin (yet it doesnt mean dat i aint enjoyin it, after all!). wit the 3rd sem - thgs went alrite, until towards the end; i realized somethg went wrong - 2 boys were not there; after doin the head count. i suddenly cld feel a rush of adrenaline, ride up to my head and i was like to explode. it was just becoz - previously when i asked the Penghulu about the attendence; he coyly said - 'sumer dtg, sir..'. and about 10am, aku threw fits alrite. the two boys menikus mcm katak terkena pijak. these boys of the 3rd sem r so way out, i am tellin u. melampau sesgt. aku tak le marah sgt - tp kdg2 bengang dgn penyelaras kumpulan budak2 neh; aper2 kes lecturer lain bgtau, sumer sweep under the fuckin carpet. so naik lemak le budak2 neh.. but then, the 2nd half of another 2hrs went well - ye lar, dgn budak2 freshie 1st sem., sumer nyer bagus lagik.. Konsep Penyakit yg bagi aku a bit boring and dry - nobdy was sleepin!!. and God sake - everybdy like askin q's mcm nbdy bisnes. towards the end - aku dah kering sgt2 tekak neh.. dgn pe pun tak mkn lagi. baik je aku pohser mcm neh.
during lunch time - aku settle one of my crdtcrd. settle and cancel terus. senang. dis lousy bank tak abes2 nyusahkan idup aku. tak propesional langsung.. yg dorang tau - bills, bills, bills.. bila aku nak cancel the whole thang - mcm2 plak pujuk, why dat and why dis.. wats wrong.. anyway we can improve the service la.. idiot. service yr backside je lah senang. mencik. i kinda suprised bila aku bley plak tercakap.. 'its ok, no thank. i jst think dat yr services suxs'. wah!! tergamam kejap muka amoi iteww. fikir2 balik - nyesal plak rasanya ckp mcm iteww.. bukan amoi tu nyer bank pun. or her dad's pun. heh.
and fikir2 balik - aku rasa the rasa geram aku tak settle2 lagik. may be kes pagi tadik kot..
i am goin to jog definately ptg neh. ventilating. perhaps.


Anonymous said...

yess.. elok ler release tense ng jog... bule gak jaga kesihatan

jerry maguire, jr. said...

jom join, meh.. huhu