Wednesday, July 2, 2008

D3, Kajang

done today around 4.30pm - tq for the young lecturer to lepaskan kitorang awal.. head rite back to the room, tgk tv jap, sedar2 aku terlena and so forth Mr Adnan.. around 7pm, kelam kabut aku bangun for Asar/Zohor jamak ta'khir.. hehehe
Mr Mansur Fenner from Bahagian Latihan in KKM called me up just now - he wanted to drop in, pick us both up n off for a dinner. phewww.. w'pun aku rasa malas sgt since i know i gotta 'skema' like shit - then again, sekali sekala goin out dgn bishop2 neh ok jgk le kot, at least bg chance to my own head to broaden up a bit kot.. tp jgn lak dorg sembang and leave me out drifted in my own world, udah larr..
cant wait for trow. shall be headin back for Ipoh rite after finishin up the bengkel around 5pm le kot - dats the initial idea of Mr Adnan's.. aku ikut je. so i think - we r goin to check out rite early in the morn le kot - trow morn... again - aku ikut je..
lapar la..

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