Friday, July 25, 2008


reached home around 7pm - done wit my regular jog, a bit of gym - aku head to Ajak's hse; anta kete sulung aku for full services.. Ajak is a kinda guy knows-everythg and dammit he's so meticulous on so many thgs.. since dia ramai contact - he easily can move around askin dis and dat.. so - the motif is, he's the only reliable guy yg aku bley jst serah kete kat dia, giv some cash - and he'll get someone to do all the thgs u needed for the car.. by dis coming Sunday, insyaAllah kete sulung aku siap as he said. so for time being - aku movin around wit Wira yg mcm tak best sgt iteww..
mandi2, aku siap kuar for a dinner - Mee Rebus Ramlee for a chic-chop. huhu.. gaji - therefore ramainyer manusia.. jenuh aku nunggu.. nyesal pun ada. tp lantak lar, lapar seyy!!
and now - i cld feel dat the eyes r gettin smaller and even heavier.. damn - yet aku still got many thgs to do.

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