Tuesday, July 1, 2008



had a great time doin the jalan-jalan then makan-makan.. not to say the jalan-jalan dat much - we just cruised around the town, and the singgah for the makan-makan thang. ended up kat Samuri's Satay Kajang - first Mr Adnan nak je singgah kat a so-called stall Samuri yg kat tgh2 pekan tu - but since the road was so pack, full of smokes and dust and Indons too, we decided to stroll a bit - till kat simpang yg ada traffic lite too - where there's another Samuri Satay yg much more bigger, xclusive katernyer.. so both of us ended up sittin in the open place - sambel ngunyah the satay yg mcm dah sejuk sket, watchin the stupid-idiot news regardin Anwar-sontot-dis-cute-guy-so-many-times-baru-skang-nak-repot kinda thang. sickenin. makes me mcm nak puke all over je.. 1) for the idiot fabricated news; 2) kuah satay tak kick larr.. damn plain.. 3) satay sejuk.. matilemek kembung prots mlm neh.
so after the makan-makan session - we decided to walked backk to the hotel, dropped in 7E for some stuffs and off back to the room. aku amek lappy aku simpan jap kat lobby kaunter tadik.. and by the time Mr Adnan saw me holdin the lappy, he was like 'ok, saya naik dulu - nak sambung online eh?'.. aku mula2 rasa nak naik atas je - tp tup2 aku dah online. cemaneh? huhu.. so wat - i aint workin after all. trow sambung bengkel je.. no stdnt no nthg. best siot.
Zean online - chattin jap dgn dia.. aku kinda ngantok le plak. tp think i shall stay back for a while - lama tak sembang2 dgn Zean..

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