Thursday, July 10, 2008

another wkend yeah!

keep myself bz - i hav to indeed. more works by next week - so i think i shld use my time wisely enuff, settle thgs yg mana bley dulu - rather than aku wld be in the hot pan, next week. if i am not - i think i'd be in the cloud-nine now, daydreamin. heh.
i am waitin for CitiBank to send me my new Philips mp3/mp4 player.. 2G. yesss.. and i'll be on the jog track again, by next week - insyaAllah. i refused to die early. or hav dis bloody fcukin extra no-thanks 'muscle' around my tummy, hell no.
headin to KL dis weekend - UPM as usual. malas, tp aku hav to. so aku called Aizat up - may be aku cld see him, lepak at his place perhaps.. and usual - Aizat wit his so nice-heart.

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