Thursday, July 24, 2008

another same stories..

hit my sack around 12.30am last nite.. by the time the head touch the lovely pillows, aku str8 away drifted to my MuMuLand.. sedar2 alarm terjerit2.. and it was like 5.30am in the morn. and dammit - it was rainin cats and dogs like nobdy biz. i wish i cld stay put for a lil while. and i was nearly callin the boss up - askin for sort of EL - but i managed to pull thru. hehehe..

aku shld be doin the clinical teachin today in few clinics - but i decided of not goin. i mght be goin trow lorr.. bukan tak nak pi - i shall be goin trow je indeed. and today - i'll be havin 2hrs of classes; CPC and Drug Dependence - Rx and Rehab. heh.

somehow i started to feel the life is a bit monotonous lately. nthg much to deal wit. nthg much ado wit. i wanted to take leaves - i jst dunno where to head, or worst enuf - wat to do. i wanted to do somethg new - but i jst dunno wats new is new anyway.

Apiz is not in. Ajak off for a short course; today n trow. Amed in Hosp Ipoh doin his daily clinical teachin, Din too.Mr Bong called me up - askin for my Saturday; fillin it up wit another Khidmat Masyarakat - i was glad i cld be stern enuf and turned him down - for i need my Sat/Sun badly, for my ownself.

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