Friday, July 18, 2008

Aizat thang

aku called Aizat after makan pagi - just doin sort of checkin up sama ada dia ok ke tak - just look at his response to my enteries, pelik jugak aku.. btw, knowin him as he is - cld be pain in the arse yet adorable n nice at the same time; aku mght as well took em all litely.. but then pelik jugak aku tgk.. so - bila aku call; apperently he is doin damn fcukin well, sajer jer mood dia tak menentu.. nak kata perempuan tak jugak. huhu.. we chatted for awhile - he's doin well lah! sajer je ngader2.. and then - put all sort of thgs as comments - pls lah! huhu.. aizat - i do hope ur not havin any Bipolar Mood attack.

went out for a minum pagi wit Ajak - he's on leave; but he purposely asked me out for a drink. be it larr.. Din nak ke Hosp Ipoh, Apiz - i dunno, Amed pun mcm cookies jer.. so - be it lar.

nthg much to write i suppose - not to say 'nthg much'; but i jst dunno how to put thgs in order, i gez. coupla thgs happened - most of em r the ordinary ones, few of em like - been there before, u din giv it a fcuk, it happens again.. and one or two of em like - it happens and 'like i care'. for example - semlm; wajib for the Mosleems to be in surau - for once a week; but most of em ere not. Abg Din - bein as a warden threw tantrums, and effected me too - since budak2 yg aku jaga yg among em all. heh.

another 1 hr class to run - Drug Dependence, Treatment and Rehab. a bloody lect in one hr! giler..

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