Thursday, July 31, 2008

does it matters, anyway?

theres coupla thgs irritates me today - but its ok. i wanna keep my good mood up till i crawl up my crib. and go to hell wit watever bothers me then.

sometime in life u hardly differentiate between wats rite and wats wrong. or may be thgs around u makin u hard to tell so - wats rite and wats not. but then again - does it matters?

as long as i can take care of myself (and so do u, i suppose) - thgs gonna be jst fine. i believe in 'mess wit me, i'll mess yrs' kinda thang.

so live life. or perhaps - go get some life. i think.
i am not sure wat to tell in ere - i feel kinda good today indeed. semlm i was online for a while - wanted to do some updating.. tp mlm2 pelik larr.. dis Blogspot so bingai mcm nak mampus.. nak bukak 'create post' pun mcm hanjeng nunggu.. bosan btol.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

heh!! watever..


done wit the first part of the class - Chicken Pox wit the sem 2 boys/gals. i'll be havin another part of it - at 2pm dis afternon. kinda good. many questions asked, the class went on smoothly thank God.
but then again - i still feel kinda gloomy. i dunno how to put it into words. or i dunno wats the-why and such. jst dat - i am not in the rite mood, i think.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


came back home late dis evening - the problem dat i tot semlm dah settle - it was not, actually. and suddenly i was dragged in by Mr Anwar since i was the first guy he (i.e the stdnt) talked to n confessed thgs. i hate dis really - all dis bullshit r makes me sick. the guy was alrite - n suddenly y dis Mr-owh-i-know-everythg-and-i-hav-to-save-the-world kinda guy came in the whole picture. and there i was - sittin infront of the Pengarah, Timbalan Pengarah, Mr HEP and the so-called innocent guy. i hate the tot of the boy mght lost faith in me. and i hate the tot of he mght be thinkin dat i am the one who the create the whole fuckin shit of a pea-nut kinda thang. and still - i cant believe ppl r makin shit out of dis whole thang. everybody wanting to a be a hero. or an idiot, perhaps.
went str8 back home. aint in the mood of joggin. or even gym. i am not sayin dat i am carryin the whole scumbag on my shoulder.. it just dat i wasnt sure of so many thgs - about ppl, the way they think, action and reaction and such..
spendin nite infront of the idiot-box, thg dat i've not been doin for quite sometime.. i feel my body achin all over, n body started to panas balik.. a viral fever? damn.
class 2hrs trow. yet pe pun tak go thru lagik.. heh.

struck by a fever again - i tot i've been doin since coupla days back - aku demam tak demam je rasa badan. but last nite - i WAS havin a fever.. and the runny nose - sickenin!! i hate fever wit thin mucous kinda runny nose.. heh - cant say it in a word, really. so smlm - aku amek PCM plus Piriton (i love it for the dizzy effect) and off i hit the crib. i was sleepin like a bloody log up to 6am - which was like - dammit, its late God sake.. baju tak iron lagi, keje ofis yg aku bawak balik tak tersentuh.. mandi2, had my cafeine dose, took my all pills + PCM (again) and off to work.
and surely enuff - i am doin OK so far, alhamdulillah. but still kinda moody (slightly) and dammit sleepy hell yeah. and fcuk - i got lots of thgs to be done - classes trow pejadah pun aku tak prepare lagik.. tho it's like 2 hrs je.. tp Croup and Chick Pox. heh - mencik lah! tak susah - tp dis is like first time aku ajar such topik - need to read more. mmg aku ada clinical experiences over dis, but experience je tak cukup rasanyerr..
thgs happened - semlm during my jog time.. ada student went berserk kat hostel for some reason, siap ugut wit sharps n all dat - aku pissed off since jog tak sempat abes round, and got to settled thgs yg sepatotnya warden yg handle. so ari ni - aku mintak the stdnt come n see me - and he did - the case was sort of 'haunting' me. aku rasa so damn empathy, sad. aku wonder y ppl like to see thgs in a lateral view, w/o havin guts to expand thier vision beyond anythg else. and aku wonder y ppl loves to jump into conclusion w/o havin any guts to considerate thgs dat mght hurt others damn much - they cldnt careless for thgs r not happening to them, and it is happenin to someone else. and aku wonder wat 'fair' wld means in dis life..
God sake - i shldnt get carried away - dis aint my case after all. HEP tak rujuk pun kat aku - i am seein dis boy for the sake of rasa tanggungjawab. aku did nasihat aper yg patot, and make him realised wats goin on wrong around him, wat is his ability for him to stand up his ground and such.
i just wish life wld be more fair to everyone of us. and we live life w/o any pre-mind set judgment, assumption..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

nitey nite!!

just got back from Festival Seni Tarian Peringkat Negeri Perak - aku pi pun Ajak was tellin me like 'silap genre ko neh!' wat ever not.. but then - when i was there, Ajak was there too.. Mr Bong (yeah! definately - he's kinda guy yg suka benda glam mcm neh hell yeah!!) and Mail too - he gotta be there since dia Penyelaras Kelab Kebudayaan.. and me as Penasihat kelab sajork. the boys n gals masuk the festival together wit Penjara Taiping (kelakar!!), Kolej Cosmopoint and Institut Perguruan Ipoh.. i was thinkin the Institut Perguruan mght be winnin - but i was wrong!! we won the whole thang, God sake. and i was a bit sad since tak tunggu sampai abes pun.. kinda sleepy, boring and all mixed up - makes me left the auditorium a bit too early then.

reached home almost 11pm. nak iron baju lagik.. all sort of thgs. kinda bored wit dis whole monotonous thang, really.

i jst wish i cld..

forget it - gonna hit the crib now baby! nitey nite!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008


reached home around 7pm - done wit my regular jog, a bit of gym - aku head to Ajak's hse; anta kete sulung aku for full services.. Ajak is a kinda guy knows-everythg and dammit he's so meticulous on so many thgs.. since dia ramai contact - he easily can move around askin dis and dat.. so - the motif is, he's the only reliable guy yg aku bley jst serah kete kat dia, giv some cash - and he'll get someone to do all the thgs u needed for the car.. by dis coming Sunday, insyaAllah kete sulung aku siap as he said. so for time being - aku movin around wit Wira yg mcm tak best sgt iteww..
mandi2, aku siap kuar for a dinner - Mee Rebus Ramlee for a chic-chop. huhu.. gaji - therefore ramainyer manusia.. jenuh aku nunggu.. nyesal pun ada. tp lantak lar, lapar seyy!!
and now - i cld feel dat the eyes r gettin smaller and even heavier.. damn - yet aku still got many thgs to do.
I Cant Make You Love Me
by George Michael

Turn down the lights, turn down the bed
Turn down these voices inside my head
Lay down with me, tell me no lies
Just hold me close, don't patronize
Don't patronize me

'Cause I can't make you love me If you don't
You can't make your heart feel something it won't
Here in the dark in these final hours
I will lay down my heart, and I'll feel the power
But you won't, no you won't
And I can't make you love me
If you don't

I'll close my eyes and then I won't see
The love you do not feel, when you're holding me
Morning will come, and I'll do what's right
Just give me till then, to give up this fight
And I will give up this fight

And I can't make you love me if you don't
You can't make your heart feel something it won't
And here in the dark in these final hours
I will lay down my heart and I'll feel the power
But you won't, no, you won't
And I can't make you love me
If you don't

Ain't no use in you trying
It's no good for me baby without love
All my tears, all these years, everything I believed in
Oh yeah
Someone's gonna love me

TGIF yeah!

alhamdulillah - by the time i woke early in the morn - ths r much better.. the dull achin is still there - but not as much as before. i am able to lift up hands now, w'pun nak korek idung - i am still strugglin.. bley? no NSAIDs, no nthg. but i remember rubbin some 'minyak panas' over the achin areas.. wah! it works. i hardly believe in such thgs pun..
CME today - 3 speakers. goin to be a big boring day!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


despite of havin the achin - i still had dis urge inside wantin to go for a gym. and may be a jog after dat. but then - after reachin home early today; suddenly i made up my mind - i changed my mind, jst like dat - i prefer golek2 sekejap on my katil bujang, ended up for abt 30mins until Asar masuk. the cuaca tadik ujan2, skang dah elok pun still cldnt changed my laziness.. so finally, aku cuma buat a bit of dis and dat wit dumb-bells infront of the idiotbox. yg penting - i got myself sweat a bit, and i think thgs gonna be just fine.
gotta be in surau tonite. ada kuliah ugama.. nak join anybody?

another same stories..

hit my sack around 12.30am last nite.. by the time the head touch the lovely pillows, aku str8 away drifted to my MuMuLand.. sedar2 alarm terjerit2.. and it was like 5.30am in the morn. and dammit - it was rainin cats and dogs like nobdy biz. i wish i cld stay put for a lil while. and i was nearly callin the boss up - askin for sort of EL - but i managed to pull thru. hehehe..

aku shld be doin the clinical teachin today in few clinics - but i decided of not goin. i mght be goin trow lorr.. bukan tak nak pi - i shall be goin trow je indeed. and today - i'll be havin 2hrs of classes; CPC and Drug Dependence - Rx and Rehab. heh.

somehow i started to feel the life is a bit monotonous lately. nthg much to deal wit. nthg much ado wit. i wanted to take leaves - i jst dunno where to head, or worst enuf - wat to do. i wanted to do somethg new - but i jst dunno wats new is new anyway.

Apiz is not in. Ajak off for a short course; today n trow. Amed in Hosp Ipoh doin his daily clinical teachin, Din too.Mr Bong called me up - askin for my Saturday; fillin it up wit another Khidmat Masyarakat - i was glad i cld be stern enuf and turned him down - for i need my Sat/Sun badly, for my ownself.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

some stories..

hactic week and days indeed. it is at dis particular time only dat i managed to sit for a while, browse my mails, replyin watever not from the stdnts regarding thier research and such, deleting all the junks, cruise around for a while and i mght be hittin my crib real soon.

i had 4 hrs hatric of classes today - and in the afternoon aku off to SMK Tambun for some of the so-called Khidmat Masyarakat there - givin a simple talk about Prinsip Pertolongan Cemas (wit the help of the boys of K20 - Raf, Imam, Mie, Nuar, Jerol and Nordin - thanks!!). talk for a while and they had a bit of pratice session for another 2hrs. the response was great - i cld see the bdk2 neh really enjoyin learnin new thgs, doin news thgs.. and i cld see my boys r doin such a great jobs handlin all the thgs well; makin me smile to myself.. how life wld be much merrier when ur close to em all, dat they'd turned up easily whenever ur need a help. around 5pm, the session over. i feel like goin for a jog any gym - but i called it off for bdn aku still rasa sengal2 for work out session smlm. pelik jugak kali neh - i was damn sure i got enuff of warmin up. and i took Brufen post-session for i knew i hardly handle the pain well.. yet the pain was still there. heh - no pain no gain alrite.

Azira, Liza, Ila, Yan, Wei Lai and Fuzi singgah rumah aku jap tadik.. Nurin was send to Casualty for havin an Asthmatic attack, god sake - far as aku concern she was a damn healthy gal.. havin an attack out of nowhere? she aint a child alrite. but when the gals started to tell me real thang - dat she was havin sort of problem wit her boy; i believe it aint an AEBA. and i was correct - dammit she had a Hyperventilation Attack; i confirmed the diagnosis by callin A&E Ipoh up, soon after they left.. ermm - typical. a gal. a boy. problems. stress. hyperventilation.

my arms hurts like shait. aku hardly lift it up pun. let alone garu belakang. aku dah telan Brufen just now - i jst want the pain go away so dat i'd travel to my MuMuLand - peacefully ever after.

think i shld hit my sack now. so ppl - nitey nite!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Aizat thang

aku called Aizat after makan pagi - just doin sort of checkin up sama ada dia ok ke tak - just look at his response to my enteries, pelik jugak aku.. btw, knowin him as he is - cld be pain in the arse yet adorable n nice at the same time; aku mght as well took em all litely.. but then pelik jugak aku tgk.. so - bila aku call; apperently he is doin damn fcukin well, sajer jer mood dia tak menentu.. nak kata perempuan tak jugak. huhu.. we chatted for awhile - he's doin well lah! sajer je ngader2.. and then - put all sort of thgs as comments - pls lah! huhu.. aizat - i do hope ur not havin any Bipolar Mood attack.

went out for a minum pagi wit Ajak - he's on leave; but he purposely asked me out for a drink. be it larr.. Din nak ke Hosp Ipoh, Apiz - i dunno, Amed pun mcm cookies jer.. so - be it lar.

nthg much to write i suppose - not to say 'nthg much'; but i jst dunno how to put thgs in order, i gez. coupla thgs happened - most of em r the ordinary ones, few of em like - been there before, u din giv it a fcuk, it happens again.. and one or two of em like - it happens and 'like i care'. for example - semlm; wajib for the Mosleems to be in surau - for once a week; but most of em ere not. Abg Din - bein as a warden threw tantrums, and effected me too - since budak2 yg aku jaga yg among em all. heh.

another 1 hr class to run - Drug Dependence, Treatment and Rehab. a bloody lect in one hr! giler..

Thursday, July 17, 2008


aku trully feel damn empty now. i feel as if theres a big empty, dark hole inside me. i mght know the reason y - or i mght be wrong for dat wldnt be the real reason after all. tot i'd be havin a nice great day today - i am not indeed. i jst dun hav the bldy mood to do anythg at all. i feel sad. i feel bad. and i feel fcukin dreadin to get thru dis shait.
i jst hate myself when i am like dis. an di wish i cld do smthg about it. really.

mixed feelin

had a terrific stress-buster yesterday.. after done wit my clinical visitin/teachin in various clinics around Perak Tengah - Ulu Dedap (yeah - ulu it is!), Changkat Lada, Hosp. Changkat Melintang and Parit - aku terus shoot back to Ipoh.. i refused to be home as yet - kinda early still. and i decided to skip the gym - for i had dis urged kickin in inside my rib cage (katernyer..) - its been a while after aku really do some shoppin. and yeah - dat is wat i did ptg semlm; spendin for about 3 hrs in Jaya Jusco Kinta.. dr 4 rite to 7pm! a stress-buster alrite. aku spent kinda sum of money - and God sake, no regret pls. yeah - i do hope so. no regret. dis shld be a stress-buster, rite? i dun wanna add more bullshit, really. hehe.. but really - aku puas ati wit wat i bought semlm.. 7 helai baju keje, 3 helai suar keje, 1 psg kasut keje (yeah! i am wearin it now! huhu..), and my mnthly vitamins, toiletries and few some aother thgs.. aku nampak all the amois sibuk2 punggah kotak segala bagai - and aku realized esok (i mean - today!) is a JJ Card Member Day kinda thang. huwaaa.. heh - be it. samer je. aku tak mo sakit2 kaki mcm CC pusing2, rebut2 and tarik2 rambut beli barang nanti.. furthermore - JJ Card aku dah ntah biler2nyer expired.. idak plak aku check.

i think i am alrite - rite until when these 4 students yg aku jaga (for 2mnths only) dtg jumpak aku.. they again failed in one to two papers (after re-sit paper last week). i lost words. i jst dunno wat to say. or do indeed. more of the time - i mean, in dis case, the stdnt will be 'sending' home and followed by termination nyer letter.. they wont be able to further up, unless rayuan dorg dipertimbangkan. i went to the class - and dat was then biler it blew up my whole top; aku terdgr some voices from with-in the group (bila aku tny where's the 4 ppl yg failed tu); sayin dat 'dorang dah balik kg..', 'dorang tgh pack barang..' and such - which really pissed me of. i cant believe they r sayin dat! their own frens from their own group drop dead on the faces - cldnt get the chance to further up - and dis boys r makin fun of it!! i feel so angry. so sad - for they din hav any respect. let alone some empathy inside.

for Azyan, Fazelah, Fadley Tohit and Kennedy - dis aint the end of the road. i mean - dis aint the end of the life, either. if u remember wat i told the whole class about usaha, doa dan takdir - u'll definately understand the whole situation. i know u ppl r so damn sad - but i believe there's sort of hikmah at the back of all dis. dun lose hope. u never know how it feels like to be at the top, when u dun even know how it feels like to fail. and to sukses in life - one has to go thru all bulshait first. dis might not yr future. but i know - theres so many chances out there for u to explore.

its hurt. really.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


finally i was done wit the bloody 4 hrs hatric of lecturerin. its torturin (yet it doesnt mean dat i aint enjoyin it, after all!). wit the 3rd sem - thgs went alrite, until towards the end; i realized somethg went wrong - 2 boys were not there; after doin the head count. i suddenly cld feel a rush of adrenaline, ride up to my head and i was like to explode. it was just becoz - previously when i asked the Penghulu about the attendence; he coyly said - 'sumer dtg, sir..'. and about 10am, aku threw fits alrite. the two boys menikus mcm katak terkena pijak. these boys of the 3rd sem r so way out, i am tellin u. melampau sesgt. aku tak le marah sgt - tp kdg2 bengang dgn penyelaras kumpulan budak2 neh; aper2 kes lecturer lain bgtau, sumer sweep under the fuckin carpet. so naik lemak le budak2 neh.. but then, the 2nd half of another 2hrs went well - ye lar, dgn budak2 freshie 1st sem., sumer nyer bagus lagik.. Konsep Penyakit yg bagi aku a bit boring and dry - nobdy was sleepin!!. and God sake - everybdy like askin q's mcm nbdy bisnes. towards the end - aku dah kering sgt2 tekak neh.. dgn pe pun tak mkn lagi. baik je aku pohser mcm neh.
during lunch time - aku settle one of my crdtcrd. settle and cancel terus. senang. dis lousy bank tak abes2 nyusahkan idup aku. tak propesional langsung.. yg dorang tau - bills, bills, bills.. bila aku nak cancel the whole thang - mcm2 plak pujuk, why dat and why dis.. wats wrong.. anyway we can improve the service la.. idiot. service yr backside je lah senang. mencik. i kinda suprised bila aku bley plak tercakap.. 'its ok, no thank. i jst think dat yr services suxs'. wah!! tergamam kejap muka amoi iteww. fikir2 balik - nyesal plak rasanya ckp mcm iteww.. bukan amoi tu nyer bank pun. or her dad's pun. heh.
and fikir2 balik - aku rasa the rasa geram aku tak settle2 lagik. may be kes pagi tadik kot..
i am goin to jog definately ptg neh. ventilating. perhaps.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday morn., and it aint crazy!!

me and Kimie and Areeyna.. hehe.. macho tak pak long iteww?

kinda miss my mini-monsters - i think i shld be doin the balik kg ujung minggu neh.. dah dkt 3 minggu tak silap aku - aku tak balik kg.. so - dis weekend rasanya aku free - even if i am not, think i'll definately clear up some time - so dat aku wld be able do the balik kg thang..
still feelin tired - but it is a great Monday indeed. 8 to 10 class jst now went off smoothly, aku masuk for a bout 1 setgh jam - aku left em all wit some asgments (dats wat i do! haha..). and they will be submitting their papers by trow. w'pun byk 'oooooooohh' and 'aaaaaa..' from all the stdnts - aku cldnt careless, nanti next week i will be havin 2 more hrs wit em all, for the same tajuk, 2nd part. and ptg ni 4 to 5pm, aku got anther 1 hr (bukan mcm MakCik - she got 2 hrs to go! huhuhu..); its gonna be Criminal Procedure Code - 1 jam yesshh!
they will be havin a farewell lunch for 2 staffs yg akan out of dis kolej lunch time neh - wah! save btol mek cenggini.

Friday, July 11, 2008

hair = rambut @ bulu?

yeah - rite. i started to hav dis thg rumblin in my head - the to cut or not to cut to cut or not to cut all over again, as usual. i was havin dis hair up on my head for a bout a month now, and i started to groom em well enuff, since last month i think - i mean; waxing, sprayin, gel on it, cream and hell yeah - shampooing. and petang ni - i am thinkin of goin to the saloon and has it fix yeah.. it looks like shait now. i got dis spikin looks, but u know it well enuff - spikin wit yr hair kinda pretty long, it wont look like spikin no more. it looks like - 'sir, mcm landak la..'. heh! or better off - i jst chop em off, eh? tp mcm kejam plak.. i was just about to hav the feelin of havin some hairs up on my head.. erm - shampoo gal! sounds temptin. huhu
spending my mornin in the perhimpunan kakitangan. for the very first time in ere. kinda weird. aku and Hafiz wit our silly mode (tho we r sittin rite on the first row!). malas le bende2 mcm neh - especially the Pengarah wasnt in. as kak ton wld say - 'kucin tadak, tikus lari2..'. so dis mornin - Medical Depart. handlin the whole shait. Mr Bong as the Pengerusi majlis, Ajak baca dos (can u believe it?), Din wit his speech - ngatok la speech ko, Din! btw - aper ko ckp eh?, Karuna wit her ikrar (layak ke?) kinda thang.. and rite after it, around 10am - my life got back to the hectic lane - wit stdnts and such.. and ptg neh - again, ada makan2 free.. Post Basic Mx is havin sorta hi-tea watever not. i definately goin - lapaQ neh.
so Hafiz made a decision - we r movin up to UPM early trow morn. kalo ikut aku pun malas sgt nak pi pun - especially drivin late at nite. i better sleep on the road then.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Apiz called me up - he was askin me aku nak ke tak naik dgn dia jer - driving down to KL so dat he can tong-tong wit me; me on the toll, and he's on the minyak. first - definately a no-no. i wld barely breathin, definately - dat aku alrdy called Aizat dat i'd stay put in his place then.
sembang2 dgn Ajak - aku ikut je cdgan Ajak - to go and back in ere wit Apiz, but there in KL; we'll go separate ways.. huhu..
idiot je bunyik. but does it matters? at least - aku dah jaga dua bijik ati. kan?

another wkend yeah!

keep myself bz - i hav to indeed. more works by next week - so i think i shld use my time wisely enuff, settle thgs yg mana bley dulu - rather than aku wld be in the hot pan, next week. if i am not - i think i'd be in the cloud-nine now, daydreamin. heh.
i am waitin for CitiBank to send me my new Philips mp3/mp4 player.. 2G. yesss.. and i'll be on the jog track again, by next week - insyaAllah. i refused to die early. or hav dis bloody fcukin extra no-thanks 'muscle' around my tummy, hell no.
headin to KL dis weekend - UPM as usual. malas, tp aku hav to. so aku called Aizat up - may be aku cld see him, lepak at his place perhaps.. and usual - Aizat wit his so nice-heart.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Beautiful Day - U2

the heart is a bloom,
shoots up through the stony ground.
there's no room,
no space to rent in this town.
you're out of luck,
and the reason that you had to care.
the traffic is stuck,
and you're not moving anywhere.
you thought you'd found a friend,
to take you out of this place.
someone you could lend a hand in return for grace.

it's a beautiful day..
the sky falls, and you feel like,
it's a beautiful day..
don't let it get away

you're on the road,
but you've got no destination
you're in the mud,
in the maze of her imagination
you love this town,
even if that doesn't ring true
you've been all over, and it's been all over you

see the world in green and blue,
see China right in front of you,
see the canyons broken by cloud,
see the tuna fleets clearing the sea out,
see the Bedouin fires at night,
see the oil fields at first light,
and see the bird with a leaf in her mouth,
sfter the flood all the colours came out.

what you don't have,
you don't need it now,
what you don't know,
you can feel it somehow,
what you don't have,
you don't need it now,
don't need it now . . .
it's a beautiful day...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


i think i am in a love. i really am. and i think its beautiful.
i dun feel like i'd love to get the hell out from dis feeling, really.
and its been ages..

Friday, July 4, 2008


first day at work - mcm2 jadik. aku bengang, bengkek, geram.. mcm2. aku totally out of mood.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

*blurrppp* again

finally i am done wit dinner. Mr Mansur brought me back to Putrajaya to his office for he needs to settled up coupla thgs - enuff makin my tummy growlin like hell - but then, i kept on havin dis 'innocent smiles' all over the face. yeah - indeed.
Mr mansur brought me to dis Restoran Abang - kinda oldie outlet yet damn nice wit the tasty satay (forget about Samuri's - sucks!), and great mee hailam. and i had my late dinner - eating like a mad cow.. w/o realising Mr Mansur was like watchin me, smiling. he then was like 'Shah, u lapar sgt eh?' and 'naper tak bagitau je tadik..' kinda thang - makin me sheepish, blushed like nbdy biz. but then - i was so hungry; do i need to cook up some fake answers for it? haha
i am headin back to the room soon. nak iron baju, packing sket.
nite nite..

D3, Kajang

done today around 4.30pm - tq for the young lecturer to lepaskan kitorang awal.. head rite back to the room, tgk tv jap, sedar2 aku terlena and so forth Mr Adnan.. around 7pm, kelam kabut aku bangun for Asar/Zohor jamak ta'khir.. hehehe
Mr Mansur Fenner from Bahagian Latihan in KKM called me up just now - he wanted to drop in, pick us both up n off for a dinner. phewww.. w'pun aku rasa malas sgt since i know i gotta 'skema' like shit - then again, sekali sekala goin out dgn bishop2 neh ok jgk le kot, at least bg chance to my own head to broaden up a bit kot.. tp jgn lak dorg sembang and leave me out drifted in my own world, udah larr..
cant wait for trow. shall be headin back for Ipoh rite after finishin up the bengkel around 5pm le kot - dats the initial idea of Mr Adnan's.. aku ikut je. so i think - we r goin to check out rite early in the morn le kot - trow morn... again - aku ikut je..
lapar la..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008



had a great time doin the jalan-jalan then makan-makan.. not to say the jalan-jalan dat much - we just cruised around the town, and the singgah for the makan-makan thang. ended up kat Samuri's Satay Kajang - first Mr Adnan nak je singgah kat a so-called stall Samuri yg kat tgh2 pekan tu - but since the road was so pack, full of smokes and dust and Indons too, we decided to stroll a bit - till kat simpang yg ada traffic lite too - where there's another Samuri Satay yg much more bigger, xclusive katernyer.. so both of us ended up sittin in the open place - sambel ngunyah the satay yg mcm dah sejuk sket, watchin the stupid-idiot news regardin Anwar-sontot-dis-cute-guy-so-many-times-baru-skang-nak-repot kinda thang. sickenin. makes me mcm nak puke all over je.. 1) for the idiot fabricated news; 2) kuah satay tak kick larr.. damn plain.. 3) satay sejuk.. matilemek kembung prots mlm neh.
so after the makan-makan session - we decided to walked backk to the hotel, dropped in 7E for some stuffs and off back to the room. aku amek lappy aku simpan jap kat lobby kaunter tadik.. and by the time Mr Adnan saw me holdin the lappy, he was like 'ok, saya naik dulu - nak sambung online eh?'.. aku mula2 rasa nak naik atas je - tp tup2 aku dah online. cemaneh? huhu.. so wat - i aint workin after all. trow sambung bengkel je.. no stdnt no nthg. best siot.
Zean online - chattin jap dgn dia.. aku kinda ngantok le plak. tp think i shall stay back for a while - lama tak sembang2 dgn Zean..

XOOPS wat?!!

the trainin went well - i love dis kinda session for it provides more action rather then blabberin watsoever.. wah - more into action katernyer! yeah - dats me. i rather just shut up and do thgs well. the lecturer was kinda young - i think shall be younger than me by coupla years - nope - dun get me wrong, i din get 'terancam' watever not - it was just dat aku btol2 admire him for he knows a lot of damn thang about all dis IT thgs.. he can jst talk like an hour bout all these thgs - leavin us wonder - how cld he do dat!
so - today, officially aku belajar how to build up the i-portal (the web site buiding, to be precise), using the XOOPs thang. nah - dun ask me too much for i am still crawlin, learnin wat the hell it is about. WAMP la, XAMP la, JOOMLA, cuma MAILA je tadak.. the talk or the trainin was more towards the XOOPs thang - how to do it well, how to dis and dat.. i was totally in love wit all dis dat i swear i am goin to hav my own website nanti.. tgk la. jgn ada yg sawan, pls. huhu.. and the best part wa s- i got few new frens too - from various places. new faces, new stories. Mr Adnan was like 'waaa.. got new frens, dah tak nampak aku eh!!'. sorry sir - i din intend to. haha..
PutraJaya is like dat - still. busy la kalo on peak hrs. tp still - aku cant help admiring all those buidings. superb!! wish i cld hav a great tour around - tp segan plak nak bg tau kat Mr Adnan.. he was drivin and i was snappin pics (while the car was moving!), thank God he reads me well - he is goin to giv me a good trip on the last day in ere! wah! cant wait really..
so - gtg. may be mlm kang i'll be online le kot.. free neh! Mr Adnan dah turun cari aku, i saw him walkin towards me now. think he'd nak ajak aku for early dinner la kot. Satay Kajang, perhaps.. Casey - bila nak banjer aku satay neh? huhu


eh, naper mcm gampang je blogspot ari neh - numerous time aku try upload pics - asyik fail jer.. hampeh.