Wednesday, June 25, 2008

usually - w/in the first 4 to 6 hrs of every single day, i get songs, or perhaps some phrases stuck in my head. and it keep repeating again and again in my head - like an old spoiled piring hitam. and sometimes, i almost chanting it subconsciously. i trully hate it. i am absolutely sick of it but i just dunno wat i can do to avoid it. its always somethg short and not too annoyin by itself, but constant repetition makes it unbearable.
i remember i was havin dis phrase which is stuck in my head "to shreds you say" from a Futurama episode. dat was like 2 wks back. it hits my brain unconsiously enuff dat i kept on havin dat every now and then, for the whole day God sake.. sickenin, but its the fact.
nope - i'll kill u if ur tellin me i am havin the so-called auditory hallucination! i'll kill u for God sake. yeah Nazmir - read my lips - i'll kill u definately. i dun even think i am. rite? i know i am not.. God forbid.
and today - i am havin dis phrases from dammit-wat-song aper ntah - a malay song - and it kills me for God sake. the problem is - i heard dis song pagi tadik kat maner ntah - and it keeps repeating like nbdy biz.

normally thgs get unstuck after noon regardless of when i hav lunch or if i hav breakfast. i jst dunno know y dis happens but it gets on my nerve. really.

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