Friday, June 27, 2008

a thg or two..

finally - its the final moment for G17 - Dwan, Ijat, Kechik and all. kinda sad - but i aint gonna show it, for stdnts come and stdnts go.. so smlm - i had kinda mixed feelin at their final dinner in Haritage. i was first not thinkin of even goin - but since Dwan insisted me to; finally i did. i had a good time too, and aku blah awal - for aku tau; kalo aku stay back after the official 8 to 10.30pm - sure la aku kena tindik dgn stdnt2 tu..
i'll be leavin for Putrajaya on dis comin Monday, around 10am le kot - Mr Adnan shall come and pick me up.. gtew. rasa mcm bagus le plak. bagus pe!! so - aku will miss the registration day for the freshies.. and the orientation days jugak.. selalunya aku will take change riadah pagi/ptg.. so kali ni Apiz la jwb nyer.. huhu.. for the very first time - nama aku not in the booklet Minggu Haluan Pelatih. huhu.. sekalik lagik - bangga plak. bley?

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