Wednesday, June 18, 2008

quittin? shit.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

And Bye-Bye Cyberworld...................
This is the last entry of my blog. I have decided to stop blogging and disappear from cyberworld. It has brought good and bad moments to me. But lately, I have gone through some tough times and this has made me realised that i should concentrate on my life, family and my loved one. These people are more important to me than any other thing.To all bloggers and readers of my blog, I apologise for any harsh word used in my blog or any offense taken. To my friends, we'll see each other again in real world. To my loved one, you are always on my mind every nano second. BYE BYE..................

-- from Teddy's


i was struck by suprise readin the above. y arr? all out of the sudden? and then i took my time readin his other half - erm, sounds pretty peculiar alrite. and i made my own foolish assumption (i am sorry if i am wrong), both of it r connected, indeed.
i immediately called Shah - he was otw out for his lunch. he said he's doin OK and alllrite. when i asked him for some make-sense reason of him quittin doin the blog thang - he said 'none', 'tadak pa2 larr..' kinda thang. but deep down - i do think there must be 'a thang' for he was a bit hesitatin in answerin me.
Shah - i am sad if u really r quittin. i love readin yr ramblin, really. tho sometimes it sounds pretty mushy-mushy; but havin the slip-second of oppurtunity in knowin u - i think its alrite. ur a romantic kinda guy, lovey dovey. dats so fuckin sweet, indeed. and dats wat makes u special.
and i am not sure y on earth wld there be ppl who hates to see when others r deeply-dy enjoyin good life, companionship.
i just cant figure out y.
to Shah - i am sad. but i am glad if u knew wat ur doin. ur one big strong (no doubt!) guy. stand yr stance well.. and i believe u'll be alrite.

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