Wednesday, June 18, 2008

laptop aku wat hal - kena re-install OS. naseb ada Azmel, our comp tech. Ajak dah chaloww.. and its not even 5pm lagik pun! Apiz is wanderin from room to room - findin someone he can play fool wit. Amed - he's missing God sake. Din - he's too!! eh, maner dorang neh? Fina, Oja, Yus, Izzah, Isma n Mala are havina grapevine over Frenster! bley? Mr Bong was in the room - but not longer around. Ramesh - dammit, bilik kosong too. Nazri - as usual, he really IS workin! Azhar - Azhar wat? Abg Din - he's different, he's YB. definately he's damn bz. Zul - i saw him in the room. i gez.
and me? QAP tak siap2 lagik.. lusa dah nak kena submit. bilik bersepah mcm kandang kuda. and yet - dr pkul 8am tadik, pe pun tak buat - except.. u know wat i mean.
i cant wait for the stdnts to come back. and at least the work wld mean a lot to me then.


looka80 said...

lappy dah ok?

jerry maguire, jr. said...

lappy fine. tp XP je larr.. puke.