Sunday, June 8, 2008

KLIH, KL. sucks big time!!

in KLIH alrdy. stayin wit my Medical Head of Depart., Mr Bong. he's the only big boss cum senior yg bley go on well dgn kepala aku - but it doesnt mean yg lain tak bley. tp Mr Bong neh lain sket.. hehe.. funky. is dat the word?
after dinner, Ajak ajak aku ronda2 Chow Kid. meriah!! i cant stand staring at beg besar Mont Blanc.. w'pun aku tau bukan ori., tp aku just cant help it. tp after bein brain-washed by Ajak - forget it. hehe..
KLIH wit no wifi. cant imagine wat life wld be for the comin days. ni pun line maner ntah - aku kat tgkt 12, pyh nak curi line free pun. but suddenly.. hehe..and i feel like i am trully blessed. ni kalo Ajak and Amed tau - sure menanges le dorg.. huhu.. yes yesss..
Bong dah tido. its not even midnite lagik pun. baju dah iron, tie dah siap ikat.. sumer dah set for trow.. i think i shall jst head the crib lar kot.
so ppl - Happy Bloody Monday!! may all of u, feel great wit it. i think. haha

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