Monday, June 30, 2008

Kajang aka Putrajaya

after up and down lookin out for a better hotel (forget about those in Putrajaya - crazy!), finally aku ended up ere in Kajang's Oriental Crystal Hotel - i supposed dis is a new hotel (i really sure it is), 4 stars indeed. kinda nice indeed. jst nice for a 4d/3n stayin - for a place to rest my head, hav my showers and so forth.. Marriot? Shangri La? huhuhu.. if it is for a vacation - i supposed it'd be worth a while. tp for a kerja like dis - i prefer to hav a convinient, simple one like dis.. and thank God - Mr Adnan my senior ok je - tka byk kerenah and no-choosy kinda thg. knowin dat he'd love to stay in such grande nyer hotel but then 'tak kisah - saya ikut je Shah' kinda bonus for me.. hehe


and we head for a i-dunno-wat-to-call lunch plus tea.. finally aku mkn nasik mcm a big horse. yeah - i know. but dammit i was so damn hungry like nobdy biz. makan sambel chit chat dgn Mr Adnan was like makin me wanna eat more.. heh - i gez they rite when askin us (when i was a kid) to just shut up and finish up the meal well.. i supposed yeah - when u eat and gossipin, u'll eat more God sake.. plus takin in more air yeah.. aerophagia, hell yeah. and Mr Adnan promised me to bring me for a Samuri's Satay Kajang tonite.. makan lagik?

and the best part is - hotel ni ada wi-fi. there none in the room, but there is kat lobby hotel. and its free mehh!! awal2 lagik aku dah bukak lappy aku, tarik dis cossy nyer kerusi, and get myself drifted online. huhu.. wat else to ask?

suddenly aku teringat Mr Adnan.. eh, aku tinggal dia kat bilik. and just now i saw him walked about aimlessly - mcm boring to death. and i am not seein him now.

where he at? heh.


Mus The Great said...

wei...sate paling best kat kajang tu kat mana?

looka80 said...

welcum back to kl/putrajaya dude! hehe.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

ada 2 outlets Samuri's kat sini - yg tgh2 pekan and another one its own buildin - a bit of xklusipness taste added.

the satay - mcm biasak je.. i wish the kuah kcg wld be more funky. hehe