Monday, June 23, 2008

happy monday (hell yeah!)..
yeah i know - sounds skeptical. but its ok. its Monday. who loves Monday anyway? erm - i do. yeah - indeed. i am, really. and y do u hav to hav dat kinda faces, anyway? haha.. i think i am alrite. its Monday. a brand new day. a brand new week.. i jst wish thgs r gonna be just fine - for me, for u, for everybdy lah.. (tho i know theres shit waitin for me - but shit is shit - i cant change it into somethg smells good then rite?).
i had these 2 courses waitin for me - from 1 to 3rd July; i shall be in PutraJaya for XOOPS - First Phase wat-the-fcuk-i-also-dunno dat i need to go there wit Mr Adnan alrite. and the 2nd one is ujung bulan neh - in Ampang Point for another Perundingan & Kaunseling Berkesan *puke*. think i am goin to drop the second one.. u know wat - sometime in life; when u get the chance of havin dat honour to 'reject' thgs when u dun feel like to hav it, esp. when ur flooded wit choices - dat'll makes u feel damn good. trust me. hahaha.. choices. choices.. choy!
result officially today. i know all of the stdnts wld hav no balls today. or if ever they hav one, they'll hav a shrink ones. haha.. bukan dorg je - i am shrinkin too! shit. i really feel like to shit, now.

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