Thursday, June 5, 2008

fuhhh!! i am HOME!

finally i am back on the ground - rather than on the highland - Cameron Highland. initially it was for 4 ari je; but the boss wanted me to stay back for another meeting on the row which ended up today.. sampai rumah around 6pm - dammit, i was so glad dat i am home!! Soleh is home, my bed, my coach, my Astro my everythg. stayin too long in the hotel makes me wanna puke.
gotta go. dining out wit Soleh. i am plannin to hav a great decent meal indeed. a simple ones will do alrite. no hanky panky. i am damn tired wit hotel's food.
and i am goin to hit my crib early tonite. done wit the laundry. done wit the ironin. trow gotta work as usual - shall sit for another Academic Meeting.
see ya!!


looka80 said...

been there. in march i was at genting highland attended a seminar for 4 days 3 nites. i wanted to jump off the cliff.. huhu. home is where we belong actually. dont u agree?

jerry maguire, jr. said...

indeed!! hehe