Friday, June 20, 2008

fry-day, again!

indeed - its friday alrite. or fry-day. we gonna get fried today - there'll be a meeting early dis mornin.. most of us knew wat its about; but nbdy dare to open up. i gez me either. i wanna drain it all out in ere - but no thanks, i shall go thru it first afterwards, and see how thgs like.
yet all dat buggin my head now is aint the meetin real soon - but the aftermath. aku nak balik kg ari neh!! yezzaaaa.. i cant help to drool all over the places bila teringat masak lemak pucuk ubi mak aku. wah!! and i dun giv it a shit if aku gemuk pun.


timtams said...

gemuk = cuddly =)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

wah! statement.. huhu

2l2m said...

ta pau ckit tau?? :)