Thursday, June 19, 2008


finally, the bulshait QAP done. aku bley keep my arse down and lepak2 wit my hands over the head. Apiz is still strugglin wit it alrite. and so forth Ajak - hah, hamek! huhu.. my lappy done - Aznel returned it back semlm ptg. i no longer use Vista; but XP to be precise. i know its sucks - but it rather be sucks rather than aku geget jari jemari bila Vista aku sangkut. actually tadak pe pun - using the cracked Ultimate Version (thanks to my tech-savvy stdnt Rahim!) - definately i shldve not put on the 'auto update' kinda thang. so kantoi kering je.. mencik. so i am back using the XP - tho deep down - aku dah fell in love deeply-dy dgn Vista. heh, nak wat cemaneh. dr tak dak langsung - better had a half loaf pun dah OK.

i am goin to submit the QAP thang to Mr Hari absolutely after the lunch time. w'pun i aint gonna be the first - aku refused to be one of the name dat wld be 'finely list out' and announce out loud dlm mesorat esok. plss lah.. w'pun aku ni kdg2 malas - tp aku still got pride n dignity. gteww!

able to catch COLDPLAY - Viva la Vida new album. wah!! rocks. and superb. i wont say it is better than XY, coz i need more time to listen to it - again and again. but again - the first single Viva la Vida pun dah best.. meletos! cant wait to get the whole album 'so dat i'd be able to listen to it and sing along thru em all, and goin thru the kulit album too'.. erk - mcm pernah dgr, eh? hahaha.. rileks Syah. bila lagik aku nak kenen uol.

and finally - after months been waitin; rambut aku tumbuh balik as usual. an finally too - few of workmates aku perasan such as Farina 'wah Shah! ko ada ketumbuhan eh?' and coupla staf ofis yg like 'Shah, keep yr hair pls - dun go botak anymore.. takut!!'. whatever. and aku gotta go back to the routine - shampoo rambut, dry it up, wax it up/spray em all etc each time kuar rumah.. or paling kokak - on the bad-hair day - aku put on je any cap/topi apek sayur and such.. kalo malas sesgt. then again - i wonder how long i'll be able to stand dis.. hehehe.. ntah2 esok aku dah tarah sumer balik. who knows. tp tak le kot - i wanna hav dat feelin bck of 'ada rambut atas paler' for a while, really.

and yeah - aku started to feel sick bila my msg in-box mula penuh dgn msg budak2 neh - askin if the rslts out or not.. adeehh.. aku ni layak mcm operator ke? kdg2 geram jugak, bila the same person, askin the same question - again and again. erm - correction. i aint sick la, tp mencik la.. (samer ek?). so if ur happen to be one of my stdnts readin dis - read dis again - RESULT TAK KUAR LAGIK, okeh. may be next week le kot.. yeah - next week. kill me if it aint then.

solat wey!


timtams said...

I'm using Vista at the moment, but I much prefer XP. Like you I did the auto updates and it changed some of the settings and makes it so slooooow ...buat pening kepala je! Give me XP anyday..nak swap ke?? hehe..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

bley? hahaha.. i gez ur rite. kena get used to XP bck again.