Saturday, June 14, 2008

final day - finally!

finally the work is done. Ajak and Amed dah blah semlm lagik - i bet Ajak left the hotel around midnite le kot.. by the time aku balik from tea tarik wit Casey; theres a bundle of health research system yg dia dah mark berlonggok dkt bilik aku. so i gez dats it la kot.. and aku - since tumpang Mr Bong; i gotta stay back since Unit Medical tak siap2 lagik keje dorang..

aku cant wait to head home,really. tho i know theres nothg there - but its my own space dat i long for. and ppl dat i love, really.

Sunday at home, insyaAllah. and i swear to God, Monday will be stayin at home. not goin to the office anyway!

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looka80 said...

selamat berehat dan bercuti k. take care buddy!