Friday, June 6, 2008

done wit the meeting. it took for about few hrs really - until most of lost cncentration and started pokin each other. me seein Farina, Izzah and makin faces. Hafiz poked me and so forth. i know i sounds idiot. but does it matters?
Hafiz is leavin for Kluang - his mum was admitted for CCF/IHD. he's in tough situation i knew it alrite. he did drop in my room and talk. and as usual - i just listened and provided him coupla soothin words which i really hope he'll be strong and alrite. Bong is still on leave - his father passed away last Wed., when he was up there in Cameron wit us. Bong - be strong. i wish i cld hav more great words to pacify u - but i am not sure how it feels, really. tho i am never be there - losing someone who really really close to ye heart, life and been a part of yr everyday life - i think i know how bad it wld be. just dat i gez - dats the fact of life. and dats the way life is..
think of leavin the ofis now. tp ptg kang ada presentation plak dgn budak2 first sem for there summary report of their 2 weeks pre-clinical posting. malas larr..
shall be leavin for Kelantan tonite. and dis Sunday - i am moving down to KL for another 1 week plus (i.e 8 to 16 June). again. KL.

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