Friday, June 6, 2008


i am done wit the so-called presentation. it was not a real presentation indeed (it was a first sem stdnts - watdya expect?) - it was more towards reflection; wat did they gained for the whole past 2 weeks, bein there for the first time at the clinical area. they r doin fine, so i let em all off pretty early. lagipun Jumaat. and most of em all r leavin for their semester break, ptg ni.
and all out of the sudden - bilik aku penuh dgn budak2 neh.. they came in for 'nak jumpak sir, sebelum balik cuti', or 'nak salam dgn sir..' and watever not. i was overwhelmed. and a bit frustrated, really. the stdnts r not in - aku easily feel bored for nthg much to do. but then - there IS a lot of thgs to do, really. heh.
Ajak not in. Apiz dah off to Kluang. Din dok lepak bilik. Farina, Izzah and Isma ntah pe dok nyembang ntah. gossip, i assumed. hehehe.. and i am leavin real soon. aku dah noted Mr Yong dat i am leavin the buildin early for 'u better let me go early, or i'll be ended up killin myself in my room'.
i'll be back in ere - when i do so. i will bringin my lappy, tho aku tak tau KLIH ada ke idak wifi segala bagai. kalo ada.. gr8. kalo idak - i'll kill myslf.
meanwhile - u ppl take care. and nice days ahead!


looka80 said...

hv u arrived yet? hehe. hope to get the chance to see u and catch things up while ur here!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

surely will!! just tell me when and where - jgn 8 to 5, udah. hehe