Tuesday, June 17, 2008

back to life!

back on the track - i mean - at work. its been like 3 wks since i was away from the office. the snail-mail box r full wit shits. and the same thg goes wit the email. shldve gone thru it well while i got the chance - but i din. it never cross my mind, really.
kinda feel fresh today. i spent my whole Monday back at home, stayin put - all day long. i spent my time rite infront of the idiot-box alrite. a bit of cookin, yeap yeap. nope - theres nothg like 'masak lemak sipot sedut' or wat (hehehe..), it was just a plain, simple meal. but nutritious, indeed. i think it was nutritious. yeah - i think. and the best part is - no rice since last Saturday. i got enuf of it God forbid. 3 wks away from home - stayin in hotel, was like killin myself - wit all the foods; u know wat i mean. and it ended up, i was like - 'wheres my Johnny?' when ever i look down. huhuhu.. nah - it aint dat bad, trust me. it aint dat bad. but above all - i know i am gainin wt. and i hate it.
Soleh went balik kg. he'll be havin his internship kat Intel, Penang. he was one of 3 candidates finely selected for dat company. i had a long brotherly talk wit him last nite - obviously, he was a bit nervous over the whole thg. and yeah - his English. he can communicate well, but like all the other Malays (i think) - tho he can write excellently, he cant speak out wats in mind dat fluently. and all his presentations, communications gotta be in English. but i know - he'll be ok. he's kinda guy who always get wat he wants in life. and being a bongsu - erm.. u know wat i mean. and the best part is - dis is wat he really wants. and he gets it! but the worst part is - i am gonna get lonely. w/o him, i jst cant imagine how boring it'd be.. aku got no one to rebut channel Astro wit - he wit his Sports and i am like wit my HBO, Channel V, news and such.. (he always like - 'any good news today? nope? ok - move on. Sports, pls.'). but then again - i pray for the very best for him. really.
so - wats in store for me today? QAP. yeap - deadline 20th June.
but then again - minum dulu!!!

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