Monday, June 30, 2008

Kajang aka Putrajaya

after up and down lookin out for a better hotel (forget about those in Putrajaya - crazy!), finally aku ended up ere in Kajang's Oriental Crystal Hotel - i supposed dis is a new hotel (i really sure it is), 4 stars indeed. kinda nice indeed. jst nice for a 4d/3n stayin - for a place to rest my head, hav my showers and so forth.. Marriot? Shangri La? huhuhu.. if it is for a vacation - i supposed it'd be worth a while. tp for a kerja like dis - i prefer to hav a convinient, simple one like dis.. and thank God - Mr Adnan my senior ok je - tka byk kerenah and no-choosy kinda thg. knowin dat he'd love to stay in such grande nyer hotel but then 'tak kisah - saya ikut je Shah' kinda bonus for me.. hehe


and we head for a i-dunno-wat-to-call lunch plus tea.. finally aku mkn nasik mcm a big horse. yeah - i know. but dammit i was so damn hungry like nobdy biz. makan sambel chit chat dgn Mr Adnan was like makin me wanna eat more.. heh - i gez they rite when askin us (when i was a kid) to just shut up and finish up the meal well.. i supposed yeah - when u eat and gossipin, u'll eat more God sake.. plus takin in more air yeah.. aerophagia, hell yeah. and Mr Adnan promised me to bring me for a Samuri's Satay Kajang tonite.. makan lagik?

and the best part is - hotel ni ada wi-fi. there none in the room, but there is kat lobby hotel. and its free mehh!! awal2 lagik aku dah bukak lappy aku, tarik dis cossy nyer kerusi, and get myself drifted online. huhu.. wat else to ask?

suddenly aku teringat Mr Adnan.. eh, aku tinggal dia kat bilik. and just now i saw him walked about aimlessly - mcm boring to death. and i am not seein him now.

where he at? heh.

Friday, June 27, 2008

a thg or two..

finally - its the final moment for G17 - Dwan, Ijat, Kechik and all. kinda sad - but i aint gonna show it, for stdnts come and stdnts go.. so smlm - i had kinda mixed feelin at their final dinner in Haritage. i was first not thinkin of even goin - but since Dwan insisted me to; finally i did. i had a good time too, and aku blah awal - for aku tau; kalo aku stay back after the official 8 to 10.30pm - sure la aku kena tindik dgn stdnt2 tu..
i'll be leavin for Putrajaya on dis comin Monday, around 10am le kot - Mr Adnan shall come and pick me up.. gtew. rasa mcm bagus le plak. bagus pe!! so - aku will miss the registration day for the freshies.. and the orientation days jugak.. selalunya aku will take change riadah pagi/ptg.. so kali ni Apiz la jwb nyer.. huhu.. for the very first time - nama aku not in the booklet Minggu Haluan Pelatih. huhu.. sekalik lagik - bangga plak. bley?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i think i started to like dis number of Rihanna - the lyric (as Nazmir said) is kinda funny - those yg putus chenta frust nungen; but then again, its kinda hot. nice tune, indeed.

so brother and sister - enjoy!

usually - w/in the first 4 to 6 hrs of every single day, i get songs, or perhaps some phrases stuck in my head. and it keep repeating again and again in my head - like an old spoiled piring hitam. and sometimes, i almost chanting it subconsciously. i trully hate it. i am absolutely sick of it but i just dunno wat i can do to avoid it. its always somethg short and not too annoyin by itself, but constant repetition makes it unbearable.
i remember i was havin dis phrase which is stuck in my head "to shreds you say" from a Futurama episode. dat was like 2 wks back. it hits my brain unconsiously enuff dat i kept on havin dat every now and then, for the whole day God sake.. sickenin, but its the fact.
nope - i'll kill u if ur tellin me i am havin the so-called auditory hallucination! i'll kill u for God sake. yeah Nazmir - read my lips - i'll kill u definately. i dun even think i am. rite? i know i am not.. God forbid.
and today - i am havin dis phrases from dammit-wat-song aper ntah - a malay song - and it kills me for God sake. the problem is - i heard dis song pagi tadik kat maner ntah - and it keeps repeating like nbdy biz.

normally thgs get unstuck after noon regardless of when i hav lunch or if i hav breakfast. i jst dunno know y dis happens but it gets on my nerve. really.

Monday, June 23, 2008

..congratulation for those yg aim for the stars and managed to hav em rite in yr palm. and for those yg flop on the ground - stand up - it aint even end of yr life; be strong to strive better in life. remember - bein good in academic alone doesnt mean ur a better person.
and as for me - i feel like i am a loser. i mght not be doin my job well enuff - which i shldve done better, God sake.
i hate it when i am havin dis fcukin headache, again. i am signin off, early. now. cu trow, insyaAllah.
i bet u know how it feels. sucks, indeed. the result finally in my hand. disastrous. it left me speechless. i dun care if i hav to giv an aswer regrading dis - its ok. but it jst dat - wats wrong? or wat went wrong actually? i am so fuckin numb, yeah.
happy monday (hell yeah!)..
yeah i know - sounds skeptical. but its ok. its Monday. who loves Monday anyway? erm - i do. yeah - indeed. i am, really. and y do u hav to hav dat kinda faces, anyway? haha.. i think i am alrite. its Monday. a brand new day. a brand new week.. i jst wish thgs r gonna be just fine - for me, for u, for everybdy lah.. (tho i know theres shit waitin for me - but shit is shit - i cant change it into somethg smells good then rite?).
i had these 2 courses waitin for me - from 1 to 3rd July; i shall be in PutraJaya for XOOPS - First Phase wat-the-fcuk-i-also-dunno dat i need to go there wit Mr Adnan alrite. and the 2nd one is ujung bulan neh - in Ampang Point for another Perundingan & Kaunseling Berkesan *puke*. think i am goin to drop the second one.. u know wat - sometime in life; when u get the chance of havin dat honour to 'reject' thgs when u dun feel like to hav it, esp. when ur flooded wit choices - dat'll makes u feel damn good. trust me. hahaha.. choices. choices.. choy!
result officially today. i know all of the stdnts wld hav no balls today. or if ever they hav one, they'll hav a shrink ones. haha.. bukan dorg je - i am shrinkin too! shit. i really feel like to shit, now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

i am havin dat, indeed now. the recent exam results sucks - most of the subjects, incldg mine. we r all in a bombshell now. precisely me, too. i am not sure wat goes wrong - classess went alrite, writen formatives and asgments r well. but thgs ended up like dis. i am gonna get fried, definately.
fry-day, again!

indeed - its friday alrite. or fry-day. we gonna get fried today - there'll be a meeting early dis mornin.. most of us knew wat its about; but nbdy dare to open up. i gez me either. i wanna drain it all out in ere - but no thanks, i shall go thru it first afterwards, and see how thgs like.
yet all dat buggin my head now is aint the meetin real soon - but the aftermath. aku nak balik kg ari neh!! yezzaaaa.. i cant help to drool all over the places bila teringat masak lemak pucuk ubi mak aku. wah!! and i dun giv it a shit if aku gemuk pun.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


dammit its not done yet - lappy aku tak bley on internet la plak. IP conflict pejadah ntah. aku terpaksa paggil Azmel balik ke bilik aku and do stuffs. i feel so helpless and nyesal for bein so damn naive regardin all dis thg. shldve done myself.


finally, the bulshait QAP done. aku bley keep my arse down and lepak2 wit my hands over the head. Apiz is still strugglin wit it alrite. and so forth Ajak - hah, hamek! huhu.. my lappy done - Aznel returned it back semlm ptg. i no longer use Vista; but XP to be precise. i know its sucks - but it rather be sucks rather than aku geget jari jemari bila Vista aku sangkut. actually tadak pe pun - using the cracked Ultimate Version (thanks to my tech-savvy stdnt Rahim!) - definately i shldve not put on the 'auto update' kinda thang. so kantoi kering je.. mencik. so i am back using the XP - tho deep down - aku dah fell in love deeply-dy dgn Vista. heh, nak wat cemaneh. dr tak dak langsung - better had a half loaf pun dah OK.

i am goin to submit the QAP thang to Mr Hari absolutely after the lunch time. w'pun i aint gonna be the first - aku refused to be one of the name dat wld be 'finely list out' and announce out loud dlm mesorat esok. plss lah.. w'pun aku ni kdg2 malas - tp aku still got pride n dignity. gteww!

able to catch COLDPLAY - Viva la Vida new album. wah!! rocks. and superb. i wont say it is better than XY, coz i need more time to listen to it - again and again. but again - the first single Viva la Vida pun dah best.. meletos! cant wait to get the whole album 'so dat i'd be able to listen to it and sing along thru em all, and goin thru the kulit album too'.. erk - mcm pernah dgr, eh? hahaha.. rileks Syah. bila lagik aku nak kenen uol.

and finally - after months been waitin; rambut aku tumbuh balik as usual. an finally too - few of workmates aku perasan such as Farina 'wah Shah! ko ada ketumbuhan eh?' and coupla staf ofis yg like 'Shah, keep yr hair pls - dun go botak anymore.. takut!!'. whatever. and aku gotta go back to the routine - shampoo rambut, dry it up, wax it up/spray em all etc each time kuar rumah.. or paling kokak - on the bad-hair day - aku put on je any cap/topi apek sayur and such.. kalo malas sesgt. then again - i wonder how long i'll be able to stand dis.. hehehe.. ntah2 esok aku dah tarah sumer balik. who knows. tp tak le kot - i wanna hav dat feelin bck of 'ada rambut atas paler' for a while, really.

and yeah - aku started to feel sick bila my msg in-box mula penuh dgn msg budak2 neh - askin if the rslts out or not.. adeehh.. aku ni layak mcm operator ke? kdg2 geram jugak, bila the same person, askin the same question - again and again. erm - correction. i aint sick la, tp mencik la.. (samer ek?). so if ur happen to be one of my stdnts readin dis - read dis again - RESULT TAK KUAR LAGIK, okeh. may be next week le kot.. yeah - next week. kill me if it aint then.

solat wey!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

laptop aku wat hal - kena re-install OS. naseb ada Azmel, our comp tech. Ajak dah chaloww.. and its not even 5pm lagik pun! Apiz is wanderin from room to room - findin someone he can play fool wit. Amed - he's missing God sake. Din - he's too!! eh, maner dorang neh? Fina, Oja, Yus, Izzah, Isma n Mala are havina grapevine over Frenster! bley? Mr Bong was in the room - but not longer around. Ramesh - dammit, bilik kosong too. Nazri - as usual, he really IS workin! Azhar - Azhar wat? Abg Din - he's different, he's YB. definately he's damn bz. Zul - i saw him in the room. i gez.
and me? QAP tak siap2 lagik.. lusa dah nak kena submit. bilik bersepah mcm kandang kuda. and yet - dr pkul 8am tadik, pe pun tak buat - except.. u know wat i mean.
i cant wait for the stdnts to come back. and at least the work wld mean a lot to me then.

quittin? shit.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

And Bye-Bye Cyberworld...................
This is the last entry of my blog. I have decided to stop blogging and disappear from cyberworld. It has brought good and bad moments to me. But lately, I have gone through some tough times and this has made me realised that i should concentrate on my life, family and my loved one. These people are more important to me than any other thing.To all bloggers and readers of my blog, I apologise for any harsh word used in my blog or any offense taken. To my friends, we'll see each other again in real world. To my loved one, you are always on my mind every nano second. BYE BYE..................

-- from Teddy's


i was struck by suprise readin the above. y arr? all out of the sudden? and then i took my time readin his other half - erm, sounds pretty peculiar alrite. and i made my own foolish assumption (i am sorry if i am wrong), both of it r connected, indeed.
i immediately called Shah - he was otw out for his lunch. he said he's doin OK and alllrite. when i asked him for some make-sense reason of him quittin doin the blog thang - he said 'none', 'tadak pa2 larr..' kinda thang. but deep down - i do think there must be 'a thang' for he was a bit hesitatin in answerin me.
Shah - i am sad if u really r quittin. i love readin yr ramblin, really. tho sometimes it sounds pretty mushy-mushy; but havin the slip-second of oppurtunity in knowin u - i think its alrite. ur a romantic kinda guy, lovey dovey. dats so fuckin sweet, indeed. and dats wat makes u special.
and i am not sure y on earth wld there be ppl who hates to see when others r deeply-dy enjoyin good life, companionship.
i just cant figure out y.
to Shah - i am sad. but i am glad if u knew wat ur doin. ur one big strong (no doubt!) guy. stand yr stance well.. and i believe u'll be alrite.

me, precisely.

and dis is me - latest me - took dis when i was in Cameron Highland, coupla wks back. i know i am gainin a bit of wt. (nak jugak! a bit la konon..), but life wld be nice if u jst can shut up for a while. hehe


Cameron Highland - around 6.30am in the morn. from my hotel's room..

i aint gonna tell u wat it is - u knw dis better.. the hairy the better! huhu

..and dis one too.

my daily dosage of Nescafe.


deservedness in life.

lately, i've bn mulling obver the concept of deservedness and wat us 'meant to be' and 'ought to be'. the reason is - any consideration to dis stream of tot is b'coz anytime ur tryin to overcome a major event in life; it is ur outlook on how to overcomes ought to be - dat determines which course of action u take. by dis "deservedness", i mean - yeap - a lot more than the notion of 'karma' or "as u sow, u shall reap" kinda sayin - if u ever come across it.. y do we even think dat anyone deserves anythg, at all - good or bad? i know i mght sound idiot - but i do blve its a good point to think of (jst in case if u aint got nthg much to deal wit!). i do believe dat nature doesnt care if u deserve a bigger house, a Grand Livina (sorry Ajak!) or a more caring family. and yet - we all walk around everyday, certain dat we deserve better and should be gettin more and more.. (now tell me - hav u ever think about dis?).
intricately linked to deservedness is (i think) our willingness to understand and acceptance of wat is "meant to be". i went to college and worked hard. i am meant to be financially stabel (yeah rite) and capable of sustainin myself (and dis i know). since i was a good (and even those were the days 'Best Stdnt Overall'), i 'ought to' then hav a high salary (o yeah?). or perhaps - u and yr gf/bf hav been dating for like 3 yrs now and despite all the tiffs, u both still love each other alrite. ppl said - ur meant to be together. o yeah?. we hav formulated rules on how we think our future shld materialize. and hard science works like dat. amek air, add few minutes of heat and the water is meant to be vaporised. same way - meet a gal/boy, take her/him out to dinner, be a wonderful companion, be romantic, giv him/her a good ride of episodic shags ere and there - u then both r meant to be in a relationship real soon. but is dat the way life is? jst like dat hard sciences? *teeeeeeet* ur wrong. not exactly. really.
if u take care of a person for yrs and they leave u for someone else (dammit), ur world will come crashin down. ur aint urself anymore. no longer. u spent ur entire 20's to work and make their life better. and now they've left u. God forbid - U DESERVE BETTER! trust me. dats wat everyone will tell u and dats wat u'll start tellin urself. we put ineffort, wait for a while and xpct rslts. when rslts arent they way we xpcted, we lose sleep and lose wt., including the worst part of it - lose hope. y? b'coz we cant jst accept dat may be there is no such thg as 'deservedness'. we cant accept dat wat is now - is there all is. u dun hav complete control over wat happens in future. nbdt does, incldng the richest and the most powerful men. the ebst-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
i started to blve dat - if we think life ought to be a certain specific way, we'll then hav a hard time accepting when it does not turn out so. worked damn hard, married young, raised kids wit love and care, and now the kids dun even call u xcpt when they need money? (ouch!). life ought to hav turned out better, dun u think so?
i wish it had. in the heat of the moment, i will readily point it out dat u deserve more in life. but later, when i sit back and think about it - i dun see y u deserve anythg. i mean - anythg at all. nobdy does. incldng me, either.

so if we dun deserve anythg in the end - y even bother to put in the effort like nbdy bisness ('mcm nak mampos' as Amed always said), on long-term goals? b'coz the experience is usually worth the effort, i think. the outcome is often a random flip of a coin, but u cant replace the experience gained - even wit a billion coin, flips!
erm - its kinda weird dat at time like dis - wit me got lot of thgs to do ere in the ofc; aku wld be able to think about dis silly thang. nope - it aint silly, i know. at least i got my brain to work a bit - i refused to ended up havin Alzheimer, God sake!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Better In Time
by Leona Lewis

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow i can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Thought i heard a knock

Thinking that
Now i have realised
that i really didn't know

If you didn't notice
You mean everything
To love again
I'm be OK

Thought i couldn't live without you
It's going to hurt when it heals too

It'll all get better in time
Even though i really love you
I'm gonna smile because i deserve too
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something that would remind me
Was it all that easy?
To just put us out your feeling

If i'm dreamin
Don't want to let it - hurt my feelings
But that's the past - i believe it
And i know that, time will heal it

If you didn't notice
Well you mean everything -quickly i'm learning
Oh turn up again - all i know is
I'm be ok

Since there's no more you and me - no more you and me
This time i let you go so i can be free
And Live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is
I will be fine without you
Yes i Will

Thought i couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
Even though i really loved you
I'm gonna smile cos i deserve too yes i do - it'll all get better in time

back to life!

back on the track - i mean - at work. its been like 3 wks since i was away from the office. the snail-mail box r full wit shits. and the same thg goes wit the email. shldve gone thru it well while i got the chance - but i din. it never cross my mind, really.
kinda feel fresh today. i spent my whole Monday back at home, stayin put - all day long. i spent my time rite infront of the idiot-box alrite. a bit of cookin, yeap yeap. nope - theres nothg like 'masak lemak sipot sedut' or wat (hehehe..), it was just a plain, simple meal. but nutritious, indeed. i think it was nutritious. yeah - i think. and the best part is - no rice since last Saturday. i got enuf of it God forbid. 3 wks away from home - stayin in hotel, was like killin myself - wit all the foods; u know wat i mean. and it ended up, i was like - 'wheres my Johnny?' when ever i look down. huhuhu.. nah - it aint dat bad, trust me. it aint dat bad. but above all - i know i am gainin wt. and i hate it.
Soleh went balik kg. he'll be havin his internship kat Intel, Penang. he was one of 3 candidates finely selected for dat company. i had a long brotherly talk wit him last nite - obviously, he was a bit nervous over the whole thg. and yeah - his English. he can communicate well, but like all the other Malays (i think) - tho he can write excellently, he cant speak out wats in mind dat fluently. and all his presentations, communications gotta be in English. but i know - he'll be ok. he's kinda guy who always get wat he wants in life. and being a bongsu - erm.. u know wat i mean. and the best part is - dis is wat he really wants. and he gets it! but the worst part is - i am gonna get lonely. w/o him, i jst cant imagine how boring it'd be.. aku got no one to rebut channel Astro wit - he wit his Sports and i am like wit my HBO, Channel V, news and such.. (he always like - 'any good news today? nope? ok - move on. Sports, pls.'). but then again - i pray for the very best for him. really.
so - wats in store for me today? QAP. yeap - deadline 20th June.
but then again - minum dulu!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

final day - finally!

finally the work is done. Ajak and Amed dah blah semlm lagik - i bet Ajak left the hotel around midnite le kot.. by the time aku balik from tea tarik wit Casey; theres a bundle of health research system yg dia dah mark berlonggok dkt bilik aku. so i gez dats it la kot.. and aku - since tumpang Mr Bong; i gotta stay back since Unit Medical tak siap2 lagik keje dorang..

aku cant wait to head home,really. tho i know theres nothg there - but its my own space dat i long for. and ppl dat i love, really.

Sunday at home, insyaAllah. and i swear to God, Monday will be stayin at home. not goin to the office anyway!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


thanks to Din for bringin us ere - for a bit of life, thank God, too. Ajak and Faisal was like losing grip tgk ramai org, esp gals. huhu.. talked about em bein bachelor for a while. Amed je baik.. huhu.. and me too.

wi-fi, finally!

finally aku able to find a stall wit wifi.. i am ere in Jalan Doraisamy - since Din picked us up for a drink.bagus jgk lepak Buharry Stall neh.

i am thinkin to call Casey for another drink soon. tp takut plak.. looks like it is goin a bit late.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


..pantek la Ajak, tindik aku mcm sial! Haha


..and thank God, kdai mamak bwh KLIH neh ada wifi. And then again, no lappy brought. So aku cld jst be able use dis Nokia of mine to update thgs.

We spend some time talkin abt thgs over meals alrite.. Talkin abt many thgs, indeed. Bt since there's one senior, aku mls sgt nak open up dat well. Malas sgt2. U knw wat i mean.

Aku got still coupla days to go.. And aku jst cant wait for it.


Wat a luck. No wifi. Work sucks. And i am damn bored. Smlm aku went out wit Aizat, he brought me arnd. And tday aku out wit Amed, Ajak and Faisal to Times Square for Indiana Jones.. Aku started to feel bored - the foods, the surroundin, the everythg..

Monday, June 9, 2008


..and i hav to say dis - first i mght think dat i am bein blessed. but now - i aint sure i am, really anymore. this free line (i know - saper nak bagi ko line free? once u get it - shut up and enjoy it!) sucks. really. asyik diskonek jer.. penat lar!! coverage pun around 8 to 10% jer..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

KLIH, KL. sucks big time!!

in KLIH alrdy. stayin wit my Medical Head of Depart., Mr Bong. he's the only big boss cum senior yg bley go on well dgn kepala aku - but it doesnt mean yg lain tak bley. tp Mr Bong neh lain sket.. hehe.. funky. is dat the word?
after dinner, Ajak ajak aku ronda2 Chow Kid. meriah!! i cant stand staring at beg besar Mont Blanc.. w'pun aku tau bukan ori., tp aku just cant help it. tp after bein brain-washed by Ajak - forget it. hehe..
KLIH wit no wifi. cant imagine wat life wld be for the comin days. ni pun line maner ntah - aku kat tgkt 12, pyh nak curi line free pun. but suddenly.. hehe..and i feel like i am trully blessed. ni kalo Ajak and Amed tau - sure menanges le dorg.. huhu.. yes yesss..
Bong dah tido. its not even midnite lagik pun. baju dah iron, tie dah siap ikat.. sumer dah set for trow.. i think i shall jst head the crib lar kot.
so ppl - Happy Bloody Monday!! may all of u, feel great wit it. i think. haha

Friday, June 6, 2008


i am done wit the so-called presentation. it was not a real presentation indeed (it was a first sem stdnts - watdya expect?) - it was more towards reflection; wat did they gained for the whole past 2 weeks, bein there for the first time at the clinical area. they r doin fine, so i let em all off pretty early. lagipun Jumaat. and most of em all r leavin for their semester break, ptg ni.
and all out of the sudden - bilik aku penuh dgn budak2 neh.. they came in for 'nak jumpak sir, sebelum balik cuti', or 'nak salam dgn sir..' and watever not. i was overwhelmed. and a bit frustrated, really. the stdnts r not in - aku easily feel bored for nthg much to do. but then - there IS a lot of thgs to do, really. heh.
Ajak not in. Apiz dah off to Kluang. Din dok lepak bilik. Farina, Izzah and Isma ntah pe dok nyembang ntah. gossip, i assumed. hehehe.. and i am leavin real soon. aku dah noted Mr Yong dat i am leavin the buildin early for 'u better let me go early, or i'll be ended up killin myself in my room'.
i'll be back in ere - when i do so. i will bringin my lappy, tho aku tak tau KLIH ada ke idak wifi segala bagai. kalo ada.. gr8. kalo idak - i'll kill myslf.
meanwhile - u ppl take care. and nice days ahead!
done wit the meeting. it took for about few hrs really - until most of lost cncentration and started pokin each other. me seein Farina, Izzah and makin faces. Hafiz poked me and so forth. i know i sounds idiot. but does it matters?
Hafiz is leavin for Kluang - his mum was admitted for CCF/IHD. he's in tough situation i knew it alrite. he did drop in my room and talk. and as usual - i just listened and provided him coupla soothin words which i really hope he'll be strong and alrite. Bong is still on leave - his father passed away last Wed., when he was up there in Cameron wit us. Bong - be strong. i wish i cld hav more great words to pacify u - but i am not sure how it feels, really. tho i am never be there - losing someone who really really close to ye heart, life and been a part of yr everyday life - i think i know how bad it wld be. just dat i gez - dats the fact of life. and dats the way life is..
think of leavin the ofis now. tp ptg kang ada presentation plak dgn budak2 first sem for there summary report of their 2 weeks pre-clinical posting. malas larr..
shall be leavin for Kelantan tonite. and dis Sunday - i am moving down to KL for another 1 week plus (i.e 8 to 16 June). again. KL.


i am in the office rite now - if it is not because of the meeting - i'd rather stay back home and in the crib still. but i was not be able to do dat. dammit. i was thinkin dat if the meetin abes awal - then aku will definately off back home. i need to sleep more. i feel so damn tired, really.
mentally fatigue. and physically, too.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

fuhhh!! i am HOME!

finally i am back on the ground - rather than on the highland - Cameron Highland. initially it was for 4 ari je; but the boss wanted me to stay back for another meeting on the row which ended up today.. sampai rumah around 6pm - dammit, i was so glad dat i am home!! Soleh is home, my bed, my coach, my Astro my everythg. stayin too long in the hotel makes me wanna puke.
gotta go. dining out wit Soleh. i am plannin to hav a great decent meal indeed. a simple ones will do alrite. no hanky panky. i am damn tired wit hotel's food.
and i am goin to hit my crib early tonite. done wit the laundry. done wit the ironin. trow gotta work as usual - shall sit for another Academic Meeting.
see ya!!