Friday, May 30, 2008


came in to the ofc around 7.30am - consider late for me. i am not goin to stay back in ere doin nthg - i'll be leavin the buildin real soon - gotta pack for Cameron Highland; i am leavin for Cameron Highland ptg ni lps solat Jumaat - up till 3/6. i dun feel like goin, really. its a school holidays, i shldve be wit the family and all my mini-monsters.
i gez i'll be seein u ppl, when i see u ppl lah!!
take care.


Azilah said...

Happy weekend shah..

looka80 said...

hi dude. its been a while since we communicate. hows life? hows work? btw, cool blog. love it..

IDA said...

eh kat cameron highland sanun takder coverage ek? ke dah terlindung dek banjaran titiwangsa so all those powerful internet subscribers semua dah takleh kacau daun? yuhuuu.. hope u r still kicking n alive la.. jgn jatuh drpd lereng bukit masa nak posing maut tepi rimbunan pokok teh.. udah huhuhuhu

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hi azilah - hope ur havin a great one, too.. looka80? erm - another nik aye? saper ek?

ida - i hate a mixed feelin up there. nice, yet boring. it was rainin all day - everyday!

tp best tdo siot!! and i am gainin wt., too! shait. huhu